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  1. this is all good critique, we'll see what we can do about those things you mention!
  2. I'm a big fan of the Tyrian 2k music and I've played Star Control 2 alot when I was a kid/teenager. This is ByProduct-sound from 12 seconds to finish which is cool. Fans of Star Control 2 will love this Had to share this with a friend who asks me every now and then to remix SC2 music. I'll let you know what he thinks when he's back online. Despite being quite repeative you've managed to keep it fresh by throwing in some nice arpeggios, changes in pace, while still keeping the bass pumping. At 03:00 there's a refreshing transpose in the song which throws us into the world of Tyrian. Here you're going for a slower kinda epic pace. At 03:54+ I was not very convinced, I didn't like that part at all. But then it goes back to the good stuff around 04:18. @05:33 there's some really cool thing you're doing which I can't explain what it is, but I really like it. Like very bright bass, then down back to the darker bass. 05:13 you're playing the melody with a overlay or whatever you call it, the melody is played twice. I like that, but it should be even stronger. Perhaps change the bassline during this part. Or perhaps you could add some really bright note playing the background to accompany the melody. I dunno. Are you going to continue on and put Gradius music afterwards or perhaps Life Force/Salamander? Or maybe Star Fighter 3000 which was another space ship game I played on the PC when I was a kid. Then again, I don't think that game had any good soundtrack, but I dunno. Sorry I couldn't give much constructive critique. But I like what I'm hearing, had I done it myself, I probably would have just done one of the songs and not both. I'll listen to it a few more times later and maybe I can come up with more stuff which can be helpful.
  3. Thanks alot for all the help timaeus222, not only was your critique helpful, it also gave me more encouragement to work on the song. Made tiny winy adjustments... Set back snare volume to the 1st one, or atleast closer to it. But something between 1st and 2nd version there. Added filtering on the first lead (only first time tho) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5145312/_-%3D%20Numbered%20%3D-_/0131.%20Elrinth%20-%20Awake%20All%20Night%20In%20A%20Farfletched%20Dream.mp3 This is the final version of the song. I have been up all night working on this song and I think my body physically won't stand much longer if I keep on working, haha. Now it's time to sleep (and also hand it in for the minicompetition, wish me luck! ) Songname: Awake All Night In A Farfletched Dream
  4. Ok added some compressor, I have no idea how it works, I just fiddled with the values and it sounds more atleast Also made some adjustments to some chords here and there. Please tell me if something sounds badly! Maybe there's too much volume on the leads? Maybe the snare pops more now: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5145312/WIP/weird-o-lympics/Elrinth%20-%20FarFletchBrained%20Djamm%20El%20Bombo_-_2013-08-24_09-50-04.mp3 and another fix... lowered volume on snare just a tiny tiny bit... also lowered volume on leads: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5145312/WIP/weird-o-lympics/Elrinth%20-%20FarFletchBrained%20Djamm%20El%20Bombo_-_2013-08-24_10-10-45.mp3
  5. Ok new version of the song: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5145312/WIP/weird-o-lympics/Elrinth%20-%20tausti.mp3
  6. thank you those are great ideas! I'll replace the snare into something which feels more 80s, funny thing is... the kit I'm using is called 80s kit... but now I've found one which sounds much closer to the one you show in the video. The main goal of this remix is to make sure my remix is NOT same genre as the original song.
  7. So I've picked Djamm's song called Tausti. Here's my progress so far, do you think I should change anything? https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5145312/WIP/weird-o-lympics/Elrinth%20-%200131.%20Farfletched%20Tausti.mp3 The genre I'm trying for is more of an 80s kinda style. I'm taking heavy inspiration from a musician called Farfletched. Here is Djamm's original song: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5145312/WIP/weird-o-lympics/Djamm%20-%20tausti.mp3
  8. I absolutely love what byproduct already did with the song, and I downloaded it and made just some jamming during the ending cause I thought it's current fade out ending needed a bit work, perhaps there is some idea here?. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5145312/WIP/weird-o-lympics/Untitled_-_2013-06-04_03-49-49.mp3 Really, really looking forwards to the finished product. Really love the original song despite never having actually played the older Phantasy Star games very much.
  9. I'm a real fan of Tyrian2k, I played that like crazy as a kid. Heard this already via soundcloud and I really love what you've done with the Tyrian tune. The transition at 00:38->00:41 sounds a bit weird. Love hearing the epic horns later in the song! At 01:20 try to bring in more of that bass. It's a really fat part! The indie game KOPS also looks pretty cool, reminds me of Pixel Junk Shooter. The fact you can run around without your ship after the ship's blown apart is pretty neat idea. I didn't know one could remix other games' songs for ones own game?
  10. Ok fixed some kind of ending. Just waiting for Jarski to approve it, as he might want to add/remove a pattern or two. Or maybe just add a little sfx in the ending. But it's a decent ending. I also changed alittle on the melodies in the end.
  11. Really great song Jarski! Great buildup, and the silent arpeggio which becomes more audible in the intro is great. There's the signature Jarski drum-change after the intro which I really like. The mid part is my favourite and also the ending when your doing the whirl filter thingie into the stop. IMO the song could even end just there!
  12. Try this: http://www.elrinth.com/ilp0man.rar
  13. Elrinth

    Metroid: Other M

    I just had to login and comment (I haven't been here in a LOOOONG time). I think it was an awesome game (I've finished it almost 100%) but the amount of mini/mega-bosses were far too great and far too close. Two bosses were f*****g ugly and shouldn't have made it into the game as they looked. But still they worked because it was a joy to blast them to hell. I always liked the exploration and puzzle stuff and this one is lacking a bit in that department. I didn't like the fps mode because I was many times aiming the wrong direction when I entered that mode. I'm a pretty damn pro gamer at both fps and platformers so I've been crippled by a system which should have fit right into my profile. The good stuff was that it has the best camera system I've ever seen for the platforming part. The cut scene graphics are gorgeous and have very vivid colours. The whole new reload missiles and health system is great. But the restore health system doesn't really work during boss fights as you are never left alone for the required loadup time. If you die you have a checkpoint really close so it's really never cumbersome to die.
  14. There's a few issues with my song. Firstly, there's parts which plain out aren't correct tones because I couldn't figure them out before I got bored and continued on the song. http://elrinth.mine.nu/own/07_necta_valley.xm so I was wondering if you guys knew what samples I could replace the guitar, brass with. And perhaps you even have more tips. I haven't listened to the song in winamp, only xmplay, so I don't know if there are any issues in winamp. but hopefully it sounds good in winamp aswell. the song is made in milkytracker, I use 12 channels. Edit: Hmm weird, if link don't work just try http://elrinth.mine.nu/own/ instead Yeah I had a different link before, I'm guessing this edit box had saved my old link before. I just edited the link. So yeah, now it should be right.
  15. I love this song I'm not to fond over his voice, but it's ten times better than I sing so it's all great... The lyrics are really great at times and at other times, not as good. - My fav part is: "Do you know, what it's like to be built this way with only the power to push others away" The drumworks in the song could definatly be improved. The pace of it sometimes goes from slow to fast at a not so brilliant place. As for the song as a whole: Highly recommended, and I just love it. Their metal man remix also rocks "Welcome to my level, my name is metal man, I throw metal blades from my metal hands. I dance around with style and finess, better watch out for these blades or you'll end up headless"
  16. well done NoppZ.. I really like it.. It's simplistic, but really nice. I just had to write a comment.. Please make more!
  17. Yo, uhm, my big brother got some info on this quite awhile ago. Are you still accepting songs? if so, which games are available remixing? What's the deadline? How much time do we have til we have to turn in our entry?' oh and wow I'm not used to having the latest posts at page 1
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