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  1. Was that a theremin? I swear that was a theremin and not a guitar... OK, maybe not...
  2. I know the issue has probably been solved by now, but for reference: XP should have built-in support for USB keyboards, unless you have a really wonky one (the likes of which I have never, ever, ever seen). Try unplugging and replugging the keyboard after the login prompt appears; failing that, enable 'USB keyboard legacy mode' or somesuch in the BIOS. In layman's terms, it pretends that there is a USB->PS2 adapter installed. Sort of. Unless Windows messes with the USB host and kills everything as usual...
  3. IIRC, Firefox/IE do their own back-forwards thing with mice. Many mice can detect when you push the wheel sideways (perpendicular to regular scrolling), IE and FF automatically interpret it as back & forward. Maybe your mouse is messed up in such a way that it thinks that it's scroll wheel is being tilted...
  4. Cool, man. Cheers! Oh, and happy bday as well.
  5. Wow.... I am so glad things are looking up. I have been away from this site in a while (vacation), so I was just looking up the new remix 'Endless Skies' by PrototypeRaptor (welcome by the way) when I saw the news. Talk about vacation-ruining, not to mention bLiNd's music ranks among my favourites (of any music). Just remember to take it easy... I'm sure the community would rather wait for more remixes than to see any one of its members falling ill... (although as a man of impassioned hobbies myself, I know it can speed recovery to do what you love). Here's to a long and healthy life!
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