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  1. This is a great arrangement i really like the instruments you chose, hopefully we can hear the final product when your done.
  2. Hey I'm new myself and just registered today. For some reason i can't access the file an error pops up for me, can you let me know if it works on your side. Also if you would like to Collab i would be interested, i also use FL Studio 8 so let me know or you can add me on msn.
  3. Cool i would do it but i'll stick to my Rapidshare account which i brought lol but i'll check into it. By the way i'm New here and thought i would sign up.
  4. I got some great VST's I Brought and i'll be willing to trade if you want. Soundfonts you could try www.sf2midi.com just sign up and they got heaps of great soundfonts.
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