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    I actually like most of the non-UC shows, X, TurnA were fun for me. To be fair though, Lyle showed up long Niel died in Season 1. He's at the graveyard one time in the background. It was a planned kill-and-revive, and I feel Lock-on's end-of-series story was one of the better ones, actually dealing with loss, revenge, and pulling some neat things outta his hat. I agree with the -massive- wasted potential among most of the cast though, Marina features prominently in every opening as a love interest for Setsuna back to the first opening of season 1 though there's less chemistry there than between... ...Something with low chemistry. Anyways, still enjoying Mazinger for this season, despite a...boring 3rd episode, I have hope. FMA remake is cruising along nicely. I'm busy so a slow season isn't a bad thing. as for Escaflowne? I keep getting interupted when I watch that show, but if that is only 26 episodes I almsot keep finishing it, haven't ever gotten past 19 episodes. I'll have to borrow the DVDs off my sister.
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    Yeah, but I squealed like a fan to have Amuro back in the RX-78 in the last episode. I for the most part enjoyed the tail end of 00, but I'm about as angry at the show as I like it. Unlike SEED/Destiny which my hate for it can probably melt through steel. I mean, the end had a lot of plotholes, useless equipment, and characters fading into obscurity doing nothing, but it did an overall nice job. This season has slim pickings, so I'm staying with FMA, Mazinger Z, and Spice and Wolf II slated for the end of April, S&W2 is likely gonna be my favorite from the season.
  3. One thing I know about the game is the sense of achievement I got figuring out each Colossus, the first time I jumped out of the way of the 1st Colossus' hammer, when "Counter-Attack" played when you managed to race along on the horse and make a leap of faith to just merely hang onto the side of the beast as it raised into the air... How tired I was to reach the final battle, holding R1 so tightly as to not fall off, smashing down the Square button with full force to communicate my dislike of these creatures. All those things on the first playthrough just don't seem possible in the movie. A lot of the experience I received was based on my sole interaction with the game. If anything this is a movie to view alone or in limited company. Talking about, 'well it -could- be done well' stands in the face of the people so far working on it. Did they actually get actors? Might this wind up a CGI project? Saying that SotC might be good if it followed Wall-E might make sense if it was the same Pixar team to do it. Thats the one hope I have. My second hope: Kow Otani gets brought back for the soundtrack. At least even if the movie is lukewarm and doesn't blow we'll at least be assured a nice soundtrack.
  4. Truth said above. I would have wanted the Close Combat series on PC revived. They touted Company of Heroes to be spiritually carrying the Close Combat feeling. They were very wrong. I still wait a proper return of the Close Combat mechanics and feel.
  5. Well, for other mediums like mentioned with sculpting and painting I do believe that carrying on a specific design, theme, or visual style arrangement can apply to that realization category. Its all fairly vague. But why play other people's creations? Why emulate their style? Immitation is the best form of flattery. If I made a great work of art in any medium I'd certainly want people to love it so much as to want to get closer to it via replication.
  6. Bubble Bobble, of course. A new Duck Hunt would rock too. The Shining series moved from strategy to Action RPG, so technically it hasn't really gone away.
  7. I resisted closets at first, and I'm not against them, but I don't think they should be the primary solution to everything. I know in some games some players play terrible when they join me on Expert and their only saving grace is that they're not a hinderence when in the closet. There is still some strategy when closets are involved usually involving the safe exit of all the players. You only need a boomer to shut them back in the closet when the tank comes. While not against closets I think their number should be toned down. I like having my decisions varied closets or other locations of equal or greater advantage.
  8. Never give up trying! Sometimes the people who work there already have loads of swag and there's the off chance someone else hasn't claimed it. If you can't get it immediately a week after the product goes on sale they either have to trash the display or give it away. For them its a weekly occurance, its like buying meat on Sunday. They're looking to dump inventory, thats the 2nd sweet spot to ask at.
  9. Yes, mine display reminds me a free T-Shirt comes with pre-order. Though it is a sticker over the cardboard, but I dare not attempt a removal. Edit: You cans score tons of swag this way at game stores, my friend also has a PS2 display kiosk and one for the Cube of XBox. Its like..his hobby to track these things down.
  10. One thing I suggest, is that if you like any new or upcoming games - ask after the release if anyone has dibs on the dispaly standee. I have a 6ft tall cardboard Metroid Prime 2 display peice, my friend gave it to me after he managed to get an even better one. Such things are hard to purchase, due to the rarity. Its certainly a novelty thats a step above the rest.
  11. Well if its a time-traveling Zelda game there's no reason we can't have both a modern and fantasy Zelda game. Infact, why just two time-worlds? Old-now-future settings... I'd have to side with this not being a Zelda title though With how TP felt and crushed my hopes I'm not sure I want a new one.
  12. I actually won't play the game at all unless my friends want to. l4d with friends is a seperate game than l4d without friends, moreso than most other multiplayer games.
  13. For them it might be late hours, but for some this update thingy came right during peak hours. I'd direly love to see something new and some fixes to the greifs and explits found ingame thusfar.
  14. There seems to be either love/hate for SA2 Battle. What'd I like? The Chao thingy was kinda fun to mess around with, and the Sonic/Shadow stages were (usually) good. The bosses blew up until the last two (oh and the Egg Golem thing, mostly because it was the last boss' first form dumbed way down). Sonic suffers from a design team thats exhausted and a fan base that is inexhaustable. Take a trip voer to a site like DeviantArt and on the front page there's a good chance you'll see a fan-character to pollute the further Sonic universe, and they're typically just recolors. Something inspires the young ones to sign onto these games in droves and unless that is addressed these things will still sell so that Werehog will hardly be the last outrage. Nutty new-wave fanbase...
  15. Yeah, I think the NM finale is the hardest. DeadAir...so easy. Death Toll's finale has a essentially a free win. Blood Harvest you can likewise glitch out the tank. No Mercy is likely hardest due to the lack of Exploits and the ability for specials to encircle and attack from cover. The BH and DT finales are exploitable, DeadAir just has that corner to hide in where all enemies have to run up a long slope at you. Oh noes... So yeah, 3D NM enviornment. Try fighting the tank and not only have a smoker, even for a moment latch onto you and you can fall down a level or two, take fall damage, become completely seperated, heck, being punched off the roof in general. I was very resistant to closet camping when people first started doing it, it essentially renders hordes ineffective given that there's something closet-like nearby at all times. Closet camping also ties in with the ability to just have a few people on melee duty.
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