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  1. Eh... VGBabes. I guess I can whip something out this round, I have been slacking horribly. I won't lie, its going to be stupid.
  2. The gas station I go to has two familiar sounds: a) When scanning an item, it makes the sound of collecting a ring in Sonic When needing to clear an item, it makes the sound of Pacman dying.
  3. Now I own all 242 stars. I can honestly say that this game reminds me of why I don't buy video games, they have become too easy and/or dull. The green stars were a joke to get and, the bonus you get from collecting all 120 of them is not worth it. Here's hoping "Metroid: Other M" will boost my confidence in the gaming industry.
  4. Too bad the green stars aren't puzzles. Finished the SWorld green stars already so I'm hoping those aren't the hardest ones. But if I get to plant some claymores on Bowser's ass, it will all be worth it
  5. I'm slightly disappointed with this game, it feels too easy. I have 119stars (can't believe I missed the Comet Coin on Throwback Throwdown) after about a week of off&on casual gaming. I'm curious to see if there's anything beyond SWorld and if there isn't, well its a pretty game to say the least.
  6. Hmm... I'll try to incorporate this theme into my project.
  7. Excellent. Hope I can incorporate the theme into my project.
  8. Pick a topic by the time I wake up tomorrow so I can possibly relate my upcoming art project to it. Do eet.
  9. If you wanted to have vote, well you missed your chance. Un-needed bump.
  10. Honestly, I'm surprised it took this long for someone to set something up like this.
  11. John 5 is the win. Go listen to Crack the Skye album.
  12. Look at that turn out! I'm glad to see such a great number in votes
  13. Great job everyone! Love the number of entries and the quality of them all They're all exactly and more of what I hoped would be produced. Now time to pick the 3 best from an amazing collection... can I vote for all of them?
  14. I'm glad some of you enjoy the theme, hopefully all will realize its awesomeness and enter in this competition And yes, the picture should relate to the game.
  15. Sure, album projects count to. Make sure to give it credit for your visual art piece inspiration
  16. I think I'll make an appearance this time around. Not a fan of 'steam-punk', so this is as close as I can get. Hope you all will enjoy it!
  17. Oh deadline was the... not later than today. I might do my idea for next FAC in hopes it applies to the theme. Nothing has been done, just a thought I had so technically it should count
  18. Off-topic: Has there been a new patch since Spy/Sniper? On-topic: 2fort is fairly dull.
  19. Looks like I can get my Mussorgsky on in this game
  20. I personally never played the series so I couldn't relate to it nor muster up any motivation to do something. The games never appealed to me.
  21. For myself, I decided to teach myself how to play piano and started out with classical music as I thought that would be a good basis. Can't make the decision for you but you should listen to .
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