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    I was once a flutist, but I found my calling with the oboe. When high school ended, however, I had to say goodbye to my beloved instrument. Now, I am a piper without a pipe. Fortunately, though, I still have my voice and my love of music. I've been fascinated by video game music since I was a child, and I am very excited to make some of my own.

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  1. This track has literally sat for years, the original source file lost long ago between computer upgrades. I listen to the MP3 I managed to save every now and then, think it sounds good, and that I should probably get back around to it, someday. Well, that day might as well be today. Behold: Chrysalis, a remix of SaGa Frontier's Alone. I went for a Crystal Castles kind of feel for it, so it comes off a little discordant, especially the lead synth. Granted, that synth could probably use some equalizing, especially on the sustained notes. I feel like I it may be a little too close to the source material as it is. All feedback is welcome. Thank you for listening.
  2. I just looked back at when I joined and realized I've been stalking this site for eight years. Eight years of listening to amazing music and not making any of my own. So, I gave a hand at it. This is based on SaGa Frontier's "Alone," the Bio Lab theme, by Kenji Ito. I took a lot of inspiration from Crystal Castles' album (III) in instrument choice - a little bit industrial, a little bit trance, etc. Chrysalis Here's the original: Alone I'm looking to get some feedback on equalization, whether any parts come out too harshly, and the general "completeness" of the piece - this is my first foray (that's actually gotten past the planning stages) into remixing, so I'd love any feedback.
  3. You shouldn't worry about my musical experience; I've been playing oboe for about six years now. But thank you very much, everyone, for the links and advice! I think this'll definitely get me started.
  4. Yes, that worked wonderfully! Thank you very much. <3
  5. I am very new to remixing. Right now, all I have is the demo version of FL9 and a burning desire to remix. And I'm having trouble with figuring out where exactly I need to go next. I was going through all my plugins today, looking for a good sound for a remix. And then I realized that while the default samples that come with FL Studio are nice and great, they are all very techno-esque. I would like samples that aren't too synthy. Something that sounds decently like an actual instrument... A sample that is of an actual instrument would be good, but those are usually of dubious quality. And (here's the catch) it needs to be free. *insert the excuses of a poor, starving college student here* I have looked at Zircon's mega-thread, but the scope of it is daunting... Now, I throw myself on the mercy of the help & newbies forum. Do you know of some decent plugins to achieve non-synth remixing? Or am I asking for the impossible? Any advice would be helpful. Links would be very much appreciated, but I would also be grateful for search words. ("Non-synthy free samples" does not return what I want from Google) So, can you point me in the right direction?
  6. Thank you very much for the lyrics, Nutritious... ... And that's absolutely amazing, DragonAvenger. O____O
  7. For the life of me, I don't understand how people can play video games without being so affected by the music. That's part of the experience, and, in my opinion, just as important as the graphics. Thank you, OCR, for all the memories and all the fun. Happy birthday.
  8. I might just be missing it somewhere, but... Could we have the lyrics to "Phantom of the Zeromus?" <3 Epicepic opera song.
  9. If you're giving it up, I'd be happy to continue the work. Plus, Kevin's just really cool.
  10. I'm fairly new to remixing (haven't actually submitted a piece yet...), but I understand enough of music and FruityLoops to get by. Plus, I have an oboe and a decent soprano voice! So, if you guys need someone else, I'd be happy to contribute my skills.
  11. Let me just say you guys are awesome. You really inspired me. For the longest time, I listened to the Radical Dreamers music, and you guys have taken it to another level. Thank you, all of you, for your amazing work.
  12. I suppose this is suitable to mention here... I was browsing the avatars and noticed one titled ".hack//SIGN - Tsukasa" under anime. The character pictured is actually Elk from the .hack games. Also, Orca is not actually from .hack//SIGN but the .hack games. Probably the best thing to do would be to label them both as .hack. I'm splitting hairs, but .hack is one of my favourite series. I like to see it correctly titled as much as possible. :3
  13. Well, I'm a long-time listener, first-time caller - er, forum-goer. I've always loved video game music since I was young. Once I found OCRemix, it was like a godsend. Recently, I've found myself with a moderate amount of free time and a renewed interest in OCR. So, I decided to join the forums. You can call me Meyichi, or Meyo if you're lazy (that's with an "e," mind you). Some of my favourite series are Mana, Chrono, Final Fantasy, Zelda, and Metal Gear Solid. (A girl that likes MGS?! No way!) I'm about to graduate from high school (another week!) and will be spending a year working before heading off to college. I began playing flute when I was eleven, and switched to oboe a year afterwards. I've been playing oboe since then, but have recently found myself without an instrument! Also play axillary percussion and keyboards as a necessity for marching season at school. So, now the only instrument I have is my voice. :/ So I guess this is where I whore myself out. I would love to do any voice colabs. I can write lyrics, read music, hold a pitch decently enough, etc. I'd really like to get into this. I'll see if I can't try out the remixing side of it later. So, glad to be here, and nice to meet you. :3 EDIT: Which forum would be the appropriate one for seeking collaborations? I know that there's a section that addresses it in the profile, but I'm not sure where to post a "classified" of sorts. Can anyone help me on this?
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