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  1. Most of the album is great, but this one is awesome. A super motivator when I hit the gym and run to work because the bus does not run after five where I live, since its been out. Awesome job.
  2. Wow this can make a man think....hence making it can make a grown, tough, man shed a tear.....Awesome! Make all the Chrono Trigger remixes you want. This makes me want to play Chrono Trigger again.
  3. A great Mix, to me at least, is if I can here it over and over again and not get annoyed by it. Nice, Awesome job! Another excellent gym/workout/running mix to listen to.
  4. Awesome! It's not repetitive. Some different every couple of seconds. Solid ending. Nice mixture of the guitar and piano. Again Awesome!
  5. I have to agree with MaxFrost, the opening is awesome! Then the piano, combination withinn seconds very very Nice! Awesome Job!
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