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  1. Holy low brass @ 2:05, Batman! As a bass trombone player, that really got my blood pumping! Also, loving the vocal work here. Would be nice if I understood the words.
  2. Wow. I kinda wish I'd known of this technology before some of my favourite Youtube videos got deleted...
  3. Forgive me, OCR, for I have cheated. I still own a Prima's guidebook to the original Super Smash Bros.
  4. I would not mind seeing this in the column of recently posted mixes. Also, is it just me, or did anyone else read the lyrics and think of Alex and Nall from Lunar?
  5. Quick disclaimer: I've never made a remix of any kind and have no idea how difficult it is. That said... Your samples are great, as far as I can tell. Perhaps a little variation of articulation in brass at sections like 0:21-0:40 would help. As far as shortness, that would be easily resolved once original material is added (not sure if that's a requirement, but it would help avoid repetition). Perhaps a subtler introduction instead of immediate fortissimo would serve your purposes?
  6. *runs off to show these videos to all those annoying egotistical drummers from high school*
  7. I know I'm a newcomer to OCR and haven't been around forums long enough to know if this is do-able, but... Would it be feasible for a massive OCR collab of Advance Wars soundtracks to be sent en masse to both the mod's forum and (possibly) to the deceased's parents? It could be something like what happened recently for bLiNd, where the entire OCR community grieved and suffered with him, only we would grieve and suffer with a community of fellow gamers. I don't know who could direct this project, but I thought I'd throw the idea out and see if anyone takes it.
  8. I know people will eventually want this, so I'll say it now: do you have a link to the original Pitfall theme(s)? Disclaimer: I can't provide an expert opinion on what judges will and won't accept, but I can say this: I'm a huge fan of brass music in particular, and this is great listening. When it ended, I wanted more. You've got a good ternary form going on here. Does this piece have a title? All that said, I play the bass trombone and might be available to provide the trombone part (can't do any post-production, such as pitch correction). ~Yera
  9. Apologies in advance for the long-ish post. Haven't heard the new Wild Arms mix yet, but that's a given good mix. Jeremy Robson and Russell Cox seem to specialize in orchestral mixes. Others I've accumulated: Chrono Trigger: Spekkio the Brave Final Fantasy 6: A Nightmare Before Kefka Final Fantasy 6: Cantata for Dancing (either one) Final Fantasy 6: Locke's Theme for Brass Quintet Super Mario World: Ghost and, of course, http://chrono.ocremix.org/ Chrono Symhonic.
  10. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that this would make great material for a senior recital on piano at a music school. Of course, I'd remember to give you credit! I'm also gonna echo others and beg you to post sheet music of this. Please? Hard as I try, I can't do this song justice...
  11. Hard to believe no one's quoted the dragons from the Lunar series yet. Silver Star Story: Nall: "I bet this teacher's so evil that her students bring her puppies to eat instead of apples." Random Meryod resident: (paraphrasing) "Ya sure ya don wanna be mah gurl, miss?" Jessica: "What, and make your cousin jealous?" Eternal Blue: Jean: "Statiscally, this [Taben's Peak] is where most of the robberies take place. Keep your eyes peeled and your hands on your valuables. Ruby: "Ronfar! Get your hands out of your pants!" Ronfar: "Just followin' the lady's orders!" Ruby: "Get with the program already!" Lucia: "Yes, I'd like to join this program very much. Where do I sign up?" Nall: "Who are you calling annoying, you little brat?" Ruby: "Okay, read my lips. YOU!"
  12. Hey all! Newcomer here! My primary instrument is trombone. I've been doing that since age 9, so almost eleven years on that. Now I'm specializing in bass trombone, and have been for four of those eleven years. (Don't know what a bass trombone is? It's a slightly bigger trombone with the range of both tuba and trombone. Check out a guy named Bill Reichenbach to see how I wish I could play.) My baritone voice is passable, but not really amazing. I also play piano, but I'm gonna quote bummerdude because he said what I would say:
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