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  1. That's cool anyway Neostormx, I'm used to listen to it and not getting bored from the beginning to the end - CHOQ SOUL
  2. I had the game cart back then. Despites the fact that some notes are not well pitched compared to the original version (that's a lil deceiving I must admit), it's a nice ReMix. Nice rythm. The solo 2:44-3:14 is good to hear. A good one. - CHOQ SOUL (I like the Last Tower song and the Ocean song )
  3. That overdrive guitar rocks! Yup, this mix is all about the transition effects. Very well done. I'm familiar with the themes that make this song and that's a plus to really see how the transitions are well made. Good one from Ailsean. - CHOQ SOUL (Frog's song is one of my favorites of Chrono Trigger)
  4. Great ReMix from Mazedude. My friends and I used to spend a lot of time playing RCR back then. The boss song was our favorite song of the game (the last boss song too). A shame that some here haven't came across the game . This ReMix: Impulsive. I had the chills when I listened to that song... nostalgia. I like the first half part better that the second... Maybe I would have liked the first part to loop (not an exact loop) again or something... Still, the song is great. Definitely on my playlist - CHOQ SOUL (RCR: How was cooler: Alex? Ryan? hehehe)
  5. My first post, woohoo! This song is a true masterpiece in his genre. Relaxing, gentle. The ambiance is pretty much like the original "Dream of the Shore", but the ReMix is way more breath-taking as it sounds much clearer. It's one of the best relaxing songs I have on my playlist. Scott Peeples did a marvelous job with this one. All people I suggested listening to that song liked it very much. Great quality! - CHOQ SOUL (secondary language 50% loaded... Been a while I haven't written in english uhuh)
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