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  1. Spoilers: Capcom is making a metric fuckton of money out of a game released ages ago but the guys who submitted the music make no cash. That, my friend, is being a sucker. Instead of hiring a standard team of composers and arrangers, they simply went "community project" and skipped over the small detail of having to pay. That's pretty smart!
  2. I think I'm going too but Ayres will have to give me a lift there...
  3. God this is considered good nowadays? OCR really has become a bloated monster... I like the part where the original artists that submitted their tracks to OCR on stuff like Blood on the Asphalt now get zero remuneration! It's almost like OCR is a company, except it's employees make no money. Good call. Seriously, kill it with fire.
  4. Ok I'll have to stop this thread for a while. Your sig, my good sir, is perfect. Non-obtrusive, nice to look at, perfect. Carry on.
  5. please square don't make me lose that one final small shred of respect I have for you by making a remake of FF7. not that, anything but that. hey why not remake Live-A-Live, no one ever played that!
  6. Very nice Bleck. I see what you mean Damned but one topic with the new would've been more then enough. But whatever, if the mods agree with flooding when it suits them, I'm not really in a position to dispute that since I'm not a, y'know, mod. I'm seriously hoping for at least a new zelda within the next days. At least that Nintendo, come on.
  7. Flaming? I thought the consensus of the general hardcore videogame community (aka us) was that this conference was balls. I'm as pro-nintendo as the next guy but Shaun White Snowboarding? Really? This is what I bought my Wii for? Thank God for Brawl.
  8. If it's not Final Fantasy 14 they're pretty much doomed.
  9. hey sweet the damned one thread for each new, awful thing nintendo announced at e3 instead of one single nintendo e3 thread! sigh why is this not flooding
  10. 1)Why don't they beliong? 2)I've heard like 2 celine dion songs in my life, I don't give a damn if it sounds like her or Queen Latifah. This song is hella sweet and I'll kill to prove my point, as is the custom in any internet discussion. PS: Isn't this a favorites thread?
  11. I got this and saw that my favorite in SSB, Kirby, no longer sucks balls. He's not VERY good. Oh Sakurai you clever devil. I wouldn' t be surprised if the boss at the end of subspace were Dark Matter, the whole thing plays like a Kirby game.
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