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  1. ChaosisDelightful

    OCR01943 - Final Fantasy VI 'Behind Enemy Lines'

    Very nicely done. I'm big on collecting FFVI music but this piece can easily stand on it's own. The Orchestra arrangement flowed effortlessly and at first I thought this was a remix on Cyan's theme but I was in for a pleasant surprise. Keep up the good work!
  2. Very Very nice. Lots of love for FF IV and now THIS!
  3. ChaosisDelightful

    OCR00432 - Mega Man 3 "Registration 4"

    Soon as I heard this it seemed as though Snakeman had turned the area between his boss doors into a waiting room complete with nasaly secretary and magazines of snakes monthly and Herpetology Today. Snake Man will see you now.
  4. ChaosisDelightful

    OCR00719 - Final Fantasy VI "Cid in the Factory"

    I'm into the whole Techno Industrial scene and this is just wonderful, from the time Cid kicks the malfunctioning machine to the very end where the entire factory goes haywire. Ever since I've gotten back into Retro gaming and in turn playing FF6 Advanced (pure heaven) on my DS this has been my theme of choice during its entire run. Also, according to my music player of choice I have a count of 200 for this track alone and I've only had it on my laptop for the better part of a month (not including the number of repeats on my MP3 player.) Absolutely Smashing.