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  1. Thank you both for the insightful feedback. The thought was to reproduce the original sounds, as to invoke the feelings that we players get when we hear the original track, but throw in some flavor. Regarding the beats, absolutely. Definitely very 'mechanical' and needs more 'life'. As soon as thing settle down (life-wise), I'm going throw more time at this.
  2. Really hard to listen to this on the highly compressed youtube. You're better off placing a high-quality mp3 online.
  3. Any thoughts and/or opinions requested. This was generated via a midi file, and reason four. The sound effects were found on the web and folded into the beat ensemble. The synths are Thor from Reason 4. http://djliquidice.com/tmp/metroid.mp3
  4. I eagerly await Communit MM9 Remixes. I know that some of the tracks for MM9 are off the chain coming from the system. I have the MM9 OST and the arranged version as well. The arranged tracks have left to be desired. :-\
  5. Interesting. The crowd is retarded. Not many layers. Definitely needs filler. Your "Bass" is way too low. Like leah said, louder isn't better.
  6. Thanks dude. Been very busy with listening to tracks and starting some editing to give me the freedom to do nice mixes, not just slam tracks and/or mash-ups. Any other input would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Yea dude. Zophar is old school. Most of my collection is from there.
  8. Thanks dude. will start working on somethign. need to get some NSF's loaded to listen to some of the old choons.
  9. Definitely something that would sound bad ass. I think it's a start dude.
  10. Thanks dude. The outtro is made so i can easily mix it w/ other songs. Likewise the intro is lengthy. When you say weak, do you mean like volume or weak as in crappy? This started as an example for the community for my mixing project. I've tried to contact a few remixers but have not heard back. oye! Here is the link to my post regarding this unofficial project. http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=7528
  11. The links didn't work when i checked. Web hosting is so cheap, you should look into that.
  12. instead of creating NEW posts and leaving the old link, can you just update the original thread w/ a working link!? jeeeeeze.
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