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  1. Also, don't stress too much about memorizing every single piece of (very useful!) advice posted. Try to use them to improve, of course, but as long as you keep on writing you'll get loads better on experience alone.
  2. Thanks; I'm playing around with the compressor and I'm learning a lot . I should've been more clear tho; I'm not looking to use a compressor specifically, I just want to add a bit of volume to the tracks and compression is usually what I hear suggested for volume issues.
  3. (Track 5 is the best one ) I'm having problems getting the tracks loud enough, especially the last one which uses lots of low velocities. Everything aside from the drumset uses old sysex patches in FM8, which even on maxing out the master volume on all the instances results in the master fader hanging around at ~30% most of the time. I've found a few techniques for pushing the FM8 louder, such as using Unison or controlled Overdrive, but they kinda result in some inconsistent timbre changes for different instruments. I've already added more Gain via the faders, but my loudest tracks are at 0 already and I've heard frequently that adding gain past 0 is not good and should only be used as a last resort. I'm currently using +2 db on the master faders as that last resort . I could use some advice on the use of compression and such in this case. (The drumset is not an issue as Battery can go waaay louder). I don't really have much experience in compression technique aside from scrolling through presets, and I'm not really sure where to start aside from messing with random things on the interface.
  4. Very interesting stuff AMT, thanks! Gonna give all those techniques a try tomorrow, I've got a badass Etrian Odyssey soundalike track that only peaks at ~50% of my mixer..
  5. CRYSTAL (Free)! About 80% of all the patches out there on the internet are awesome spacey absynthy pads, might go well with what you're doing
  6. I just became aware of this cool demo sampler, Independence Free, which in the full version says that it can host VST's, a great feature for me since I use Logic 8. It also says about the free version that 'beside audio file import all Independence software features are enabled', but I can't figure out how to load up a VST in the free version. So for those who have tried this before, is VST loading only in the full version? (And is the site's claim then mistranslated?)
  7. I like my M-Audio ES88; its a crappy 88 key MIDI controller, no onboard sounds, but it was really cheap, cost me $99 new.
  8. Right, Troika, forgot what the name was So do you mean you have the recording or the score, and if its the score, where'd you dig it up? I've got the recording myself as well, but I don't want to just go by that if I don't have to..
  9. Does anyone have a sheet music or MIDI of Georgi Sviridov's 'Winter Road' or 'Snowstorm'? If anyone knows where I can buy a copy through web or phone order, that would be great as well. For those who haven't heard of it, it's the song that the MGS Main Theme is based on / stolen from. I want to try and arrange it for Clarinet and Piano for my solo performance class, but I can't seem to find it anywhere on the internet.
  10. I don't know if this has been done yet, but it sounded like a good idea to me and I know that I'm not up to it yet I don't mean the 'Super Mario 2007' style of song that was included in Toy Time Galaxy btw, I'm thinking Wind Garden, Purple Coin, Gateway, Egg Planet, all those epic orchestral songs.
  11. Added ~1 minute more to the middle, I really wanted to go with explosions as SFX, but it just didn't fit with the mellow mutedness of the mix so I decided to add some cadenzas instead Bass is dropped as well, and I changed the E. Piano instrument at the end (only a little). There was some kinda nasty panning thing in there originally. Any advice is appreciated:tomatoface:
  12. This sounds really great, except I'm not sure at first what the opening lead instrument is..I couldn't even really tell it was a violin until 0:46, but other than that lead instrument that I think this is really ,especially the unison parts at 1:10. The rest of the orchestra sounds perfect!
  13. First remix! I'm new at this, been composing for a little over a year now. Still a N00b. So, for the song, I know that it needs more original material than just moving stuff around and that last phrase I added at 1:57, but I'm wondering what everyone thinks of the overall style/instrumentation of it?
  14. Lol, RAGE MODE!! I think it sounds close enough for what I'm doing then, I guess I'm a bit less purist than you Thanks for the help!