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  1. I never quite liked his work but he was good in the Ocean's films and Transformers. God 50 is so...young. What's worse is I was more worried about Morgan dying due to his car crash. Sad bit of irony there, eh?
  2. Yes let's make the 8 or so years of the Olympics going down the shitter EVEN worse. How do we do that? By letting a controversial country host them. I suppose it can't get any worse...I hope! What really irked me was the Committee going oh sorry to Iraq or Iran (I forgot which) but you can't participate cause your government is having some slight problems. Glad they reneged on that. They need to start making new events based on WMDs and dictators. Hehe. I can think of a few countries that would win the Gold Medal in those events easily.
  3. Whoa cool program. Gotta checkout all this info though. Also gotta bookmark this thread.
  4. As I said in a earlier post I would load this up through my iPod and home theater system. I did and I am floored. Sounds effin sweet. I should load up the first DooM compilation and see er hear what it sounds like.
  5. You should try using the wiki. It's a good place for this kind of research. Just be aware that the search system is a bit picky when it comes to actual searching for things.
  6. Only FF remix I'll listen to is the Final Fantasy VII: Voices of the Lifestream album that OCR did. Hey why not? It's free and it was made by a community that cares. Might checkout the FF remix album by SE anyways.
  7. Pretty darn good album. Although playing it on my computer through headphones doesn't do the album any justice. *eyeballs his sweet home theater system then grins evilly* Might as well grab my iPod and toss the album onto it and load it up through the system.