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  1. After listening to it on my speakers at home I realized how absolutely horrible dblue made the piano in that whole middle section sound o_O I scrapped most of it. It sounds way better now.
  2. Yeah, I'm gonna add a lot more to it. I understand what you mean with dblue, I love the different timbres it produces but I'm still learning how it works. I'll keep your criticism in mind as I develope the track.
  3. It was doing something wierd, the url I typed was redirecting to a different one o_O I fixed it now.
  4. Been a while since I attempted remixing something for this site. I decided to try my hand at it again, I've made vast improvements in production. After scrounging through all the videogames I've collected over the years I found FFVII and realized that I never actually finished it. So I started playing where I last left off, finding the keystone just before *OMG SPOILERS* Aeris dies *OMG SPOILERS*. I really paid attention to the music at said scene and was suddenly inspired to remix it. It's only about a minute long so far but I'd love feedback to see if I'm on the right track. Here
  5. I lurk more than I post. How is that relevant? It may be cliché, but it perfectly applies to this thread and you. Why would you nerdrage over a mere misinterpretation? Chill out.
  6. I've been thinking about doing a mix with Breezy Beats because I love playing with sliced guitar samples. I'll play around with it when college is less hectic.
  7. I actually had an idea for something like this over the summer too, a point when I was reeeeally starting to get immersed in electro house. I think it's going in a good direction, if you do intend to finish it one day. I wouldn't mind collabing on the idea either
  8. Ah, sorry I never responded to this! The source tune was done by one of my friends. He goes by Draigun. A friendly remix competition for it was held on bemanistyle and I participated.
  9. I just uploaded a more recent version of the track, took the length comments to heart and decided to extend it to encompass more ideas. Definitely not finished with it, I feel that it's still bare in parts, but I think the structure is pretty final. Also, I renamed the track! decided I didn't like it sounding so similar to a band i hate and thought of a prettier title, "Sine Waves and Foggy Days". =3
  10. Yes. I also know that they steal music and art from other artists. There's no affiliation
  11. Those two + the ones with "mix" in their name are the only remixes, but strange beginnings and strange endings (thought still a WIP) are my most recent originals. I've had tons of improvement recently.
  12. Thank you! I suppose I could have made it longer, but I was mostly doing this for fun and as a test. If it turns out that that really is a deciding factor for its rejection, then i'll revisit it. or maybe I will anyway, cuz I do that sometimes. I've never heard of that place before.... HMMMM.....
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