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  1. After listening to it on my speakers at home I realized how absolutely horrible dblue made the piano in that whole middle section sound o_O I scrapped most of it. It sounds way better now.
  2. Yeah, I'm gonna add a lot more to it. I understand what you mean with dblue, I love the different timbres it produces but I'm still learning how it works. I'll keep your criticism in mind as I develope the track.
  3. It was doing something wierd, the url I typed was redirecting to a different one o_O I fixed it now.
  4. Been a while since I attempted remixing something for this site. I decided to try my hand at it again, I've made vast improvements in production. After scrounging through all the videogames I've collected over the years I found FFVII and realized that I never actually finished it. So I started playing where I last left off, finding the keystone just before *OMG SPOILERS* Aeris dies *OMG SPOILERS*. I really paid attention to the music at said scene and was suddenly inspired to remix it. It's only about a minute long so far but I'd love feedback to see if I'm on the right track. Here
  5. I lurk more than I post. How is that relevant? It may be cliché, but it perfectly applies to this thread and you. Why would you nerdrage over a mere misinterpretation? Chill out.
  6. I've been thinking about doing a mix with Breezy Beats because I love playing with sliced guitar samples. I'll play around with it when college is less hectic.
  7. I actually had an idea for something like this over the summer too, a point when I was reeeeally starting to get immersed in electro house. I think it's going in a good direction, if you do intend to finish it one day. I wouldn't mind collabing on the idea either
  8. Ah, sorry I never responded to this! The source tune was done by one of my friends. He goes by Draigun. A friendly remix competition for it was held on bemanistyle and I participated.
  9. I just uploaded a more recent version of the track, took the length comments to heart and decided to extend it to encompass more ideas. Definitely not finished with it, I feel that it's still bare in parts, but I think the structure is pretty final. Also, I renamed the track! decided I didn't like it sounding so similar to a band i hate and thought of a prettier title, "Sine Waves and Foggy Days". =3
  10. Yes. I also know that they steal music and art from other artists. There's no affiliation
  11. Those two + the ones with "mix" in their name are the only remixes, but strange beginnings and strange endings (thought still a WIP) are my most recent originals. I've had tons of improvement recently.
  12. Thank you! I suppose I could have made it longer, but I was mostly doing this for fun and as a test. If it turns out that that really is a deciding factor for its rejection, then i'll revisit it. or maybe I will anyway, cuz I do that sometimes. I've never heard of that place before.... HMMMM.....
  13. sharp gating is one of my many techniques to look more pretentious. Thank you for your feedback!
  14. This is my first time ever posting on OCremix. Yay! ^-^ I want to be more active in making videogame remixes from now, because I had a lot of fun doing this one. This track includes samples from Coffin and Castle in the Mist, and a liberal interpretation of Continue is also present. Listen here (reverbnation has a strange pop-up music player thingy, just fyi) **The song has been RENAMED to "Sine Waves and Foggy Days".
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