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  1. This ReMix is well worthy of being used on the in development remake of CT, not that there's anything against reusing the excellent original tune.
  2. Good to see respect still going out to this oft forgotten classic.
  3. For years I've had a concept for a Street Fighter 2 and/or Mortal Kombat 3 remix stuck in my head. After recently seeing Hyadain's "The World Warrior" on Youtube, my interest in my own project is rekindled, though it will be something different. The only problem is that I have never known where to look for sound effects ripped from SF2 or MK3, mostly of moves including vocalizations. I have the SPC collections for each game, but they only contain a couple effects used on the game menus and such. I could probably figure out how to rip the effects from the games myself, but I thought I'd ask around to see if they're out there already.
  4. Still got a modem? Windows Phone Dialer, one of the optional Accessories programs (at least as of Win98 ), works as a speaker-phone on your computer with your mic and speakers. You could probably easily set up any recording software to grab that audio straight from the sound card like any other audio.
  5. I've been lurking here and listening to the ormgas stream on and off for a few years, but I've never taken the time to register. I mostly have been trying to catch up on listening to the original game tracks posted on zophar and snesmusic before moving on to the remixes. Of the 45000+ original game tracks I have cued up in Winamp (leaving the nsf/nsfe files non-expanded and with many other console games' music in one file per game), I'm up to 40508 tracks listened to over the last handful of years. Then again, I've not updated my list with new rips in the last 2 1/2 years, so I'll have a bit more catching up to do after I finally finish listening to what I have. Anyway, I digress. I listen to the ormgas stream when I'm bored with hearing the original songs once in a while (especially the more obscure 8-bit ones). Don't get me wrong - I dig a lot of 8-bit tracks that hit my nostalgic button, but most 8-bit music pales even in comparison to the 16-bit era, ie the awesome SNES. Err, sidetracked again. What I really wanted to get out is that I finally registered after hearing a track that struck me enough to finally think of a good comment to post. Be seeing ya all.
  6. Very few are vocal remixes that make it sound like the source material was written for the new vocals. This is one of them. Good work.
  7. I just heard this awesome track on the Ormgas stream. I haven't gotten around to seeing K-Pax yet, but the remix reminded me of the songs by Animusic. In fact I was half visualizing them animating this as I listened to it.
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