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  1. How many forfeits are we up to? If you are hankering for a match, I'll volunteer myself to fill that forfieter's place.
  2. Who'll be commentating on WindStrike and our matches? I was lost in the fluff on that one.
  3. Well, I'm all set to play. Had to find my cds to install and ran through the first map. Hah, I was a bit rusty, but I did fine against the computer, but that doesn't mean anything until I vs. a human.
  4. Go Goon go! This is how intense the commentating will be, right? There has to be ridiculous amount of screaming. I'll sign up, I'll just post my information in my next post... need to reboot the game and chose what name I'll go under. Oh, skill level is around average, so if we do pairings, just throw me wherever..
  5. Made a $10 donation just in the past 10 minutes. Contributions from vgtoreviews.com Note: I was late on the bandwagon because I'm stocked with enough classwork as it is. Hopefully next time I can keep up with news when it hits.
  6. Well I must applaud to this, a very great song indeed. It feels like I'm listening to what Beethoven's 5th symphony Movement 1 and Terra's theme would sound like if they had a child. The theme is repeated and changed from instrument to instrument very nicely. Very lovely.
  7. The vocal track was a great addition to an already amazing song. The Synthesizer (ensemble?) was nice, but just felt a little too much on the volume. I would have liked to hear some more direction with that Synth. Great track.
  8. This song sounds like it got lost in The Lost Woods, it seems to just repeat itself. The quality isn't bad at all, I rather enjoyed it very much. Next time there should be a bit more direction in the song. Potential to make greater things are apparent, I want to see/hear those ideas.
  9. Ahh, still after so long it kept its ability to place a smile on my face. I love this song so much. Short and amusing.
  10. Interesting and catchy. The length of the song is just fine, I rather it cut short wanting for more than listening to a 4-5 minute version with too much. Good job.
  11. This song makes me feel like I'm fighting an Endurance fight to get to Schala. I found myself pretty amused that both "Paradise" and "Schala's theme" went together so nicely. I have nothing really negative about this song, it's name is pretty self explanatory to what the track will sound like (take it that you have heard both tracks on their own). I really wished there could have been a meter change, but I'll leave that comment for another track.
  12. The fluttery synth was a bit too much, but once the track picked up it was pretty enjoyable.
  13. What a soothing and relaxing ReMix indeed! The speed is just right and gives off a nice joyful sound with a pinch of energy. A nice song that flows ever so softly with that push of instrumental introductions.
  14. Honestly the first word that comes to mind is Funky. I love any track that has a nice feel of ambiance with an upbeat melody. A little to long though.
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