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  1. I would need an email to send it to since you are not on friends list.

  2. Would anybody like this game? I'm going to be buying the 4pack. No need to pay me back and it wouldn't even be possible considering I don't have paypal or anything. I just figure I might as well since it's cheap. I don't even know if I'll like the game but it did get my interest. EDIT: SEND PRIVATE MESSAGE. Don't want to flood with request. I'll edit again once all are given away. EDIT: All gone. Winners my brother, f4t4l, and fusion2004.
  3. 1. To stop being so nice (it's been a bad thing for me) 2. Though I'm in shape, to get good muscle definition and a 6 pack
  4. Got clothes from family and got this netbook for myself. I'm happy
  5. I likes ma sig. OCRE made it. P.S. DrumUltima has nice hair
  6. I can't get enough of this game. For some reason I'm not big on the VS part of it though. I can't help but just want to play as infected only. Playing survivors isn't really all that fun though it is cool seeing people actually stick together unlike in the Co-Op campaign where sometimes people just run ahead. Here's hoping Valve will add a ton of more maps in the future.
  7. If I'm not mistaken, you can easily back up your games through Steam by just copying all the files in your steam account. Upon a reformat, just simply reinstall steam and paste all the files back and you can play again. Sounds pretty damn good to me. As for Red Alert 3's 3-5 install limit...that's fine. I was still planning on buying this game regardless because I've been looking forward to it too much. I already own Spore. I usually would reformat my computer at least once a year but I guess that will no longer be the case. Come to think of it...could anybody clarify that install limit? Does it get affected by simple reformats or is it only due to significant hardware changes such as memory and video card? What about changing a harddrive? Some people say reformats count and some don't. Any clarification on the matter would be appreciated.
  8. I just got the game today. I hope to add some of you and massacre your creatures in my game.
  9. I do feel screwed over by this whole securom thing since I DO BUY my pc games. As we all know, it's the people who obtain games legally that get screwed over. Either way I will buy it and hope nothing on my pc gets screwed. I figure might as well since I also plan on getting Red Alert 3 (Another EA game) Good Video. I like how he emphasizes cuss words.
  10. So yeah today I get to see the game. YAY SECUROM.
  11. I also do not wish to start a browser war but I agree that Opera has been the best browser for me and it does use less resources than Firefox. Of course to each his own. I love how you can create shortcuts in the Opera browser. For example you can make it so Ctrl Shift Del will delete all private date like firefox. You can also hide the File menu bar with a shortcut and reenable it with a press of a button. I don't know if Firefox does this but I notice whenever I press back in Opera it loads the previous page in less than a second. Firefox seems to reload the page. I'm sure that has to do something with cache handling though. Anyway as for the adblocking..that's new to me Drack. I'll send you a pm.
  12. I imagine most of the game's appeal is being able to customize. I suppose that's what gamers will spend most time on. I just hope it's not like Sims...all I did was customize and build homes but as for playing the actual game...hardly ever...
  13. So Atmuh...review? (At least of what you've played so far). I'm wondering whether I should get this game or not. Apparently a lot of sites review it as a good game although too repetitive and easy. Considering you tend to be picky about games, I'm wondering what you have to say about it.
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