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  1. Awesome buildup beggining, followed by completely irrelevent beats that work up to a small, slight melody ... and still make it sound good! This is completely Mixed and ReMixed, giving it an odd appeal although it's relevence to the game is masked. Take It.
  2. Finally, a mix of the aquatic theme. But what do we get? A simple arrangement that has a crack in it (in my player, it just stops so I have to click past that point). There is nothing I find worthwhile in this piece. It's a Tosser.
  3. Lyrics are a spoiler for the musical appetite. This theme gets way too many variations, which were probably being debated between the two artists when they decided to hell with it, let's do them all! The real perk is at the end with the highly awesome rapping music, with words that just ... fit! So true to the genre! Top quality!
  4. Like all lyricals, this one is dangerous. However, it's good enough I recommend it on the latest Alvin and the Chipmunks album. I can tell the lyrics were made within a couple minutes or less. This baby runs pretty cool, considering it's from the number 2 best melody from the Zelda series ... okay, maybe 3 after the temple in Zelda 2 ... Good for Grabs.
  5. This piece really moves. If you've ever been familiar with newgrounds.com, you know that someone did a sing-a-long flash movie to it. With proper alignment, the movie comes off good, but back to the song. Short, and has a few lyrics that just kinda are there. Then again, we don't need a story of a song! Quite an interesting effort. Good for Grabs.
  6. Music with lyrics normally makes me happy. I have been fantasizing on doing some myself. But when you hear this, you get the feeling it was greatly improvised. The backup singer obviously thought that 'sounds' was going to come first. It would make a nice campfire or road trip song, though. And I feel sorry that that guy's groin looks a lot like Link ... Good for Grabs.
  7. Not terrible, just needed a little more variety. I understand where this comes from, like picking the theme from original Mario Bros. It's a nice treat for us who had these strange mute paks that were silent in the beginning. Overall, different. At least it attempted for form and ended, unlike a few other mixes. Mediocre.
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