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  1. I agree with _excousa_-- the opening piano part is simply beautiful. As soon as I heard it I knew I would love this mix. This is definitely somewhere in my top 5 favourite Chrono Trigger mixes. If the distorted piano had been in any other song, it might have annoyed me. But I really do think it is fitting for this theme. I'd say more about why I think it is fitting, but Uni already explained himself very nicely on page 1. I haven't reviewed any mixes in a while, but this is my favourite mix in recent memory so I felt compelled to add my own recommendation.
  2. The only problem I see with the intro is that it takes that much longer to get to the actual song, which is an incredible piece of music. It's not that weird, but pretty funny if you ask me. So if you don't like it, cut it off. Otherwise, just leave it. Any way you look at it the song is great and a worthy addition to anyone's music collection.
  3. This is a beautiful track. Very calming and soothing, while not being too "easy-listening" at the same time. I love the music from Chrono Cross, to boot. Thanks for the remix, Starblaze!
  4. This is a great song - almost 6 minutes of pure fun. I especially like it at just about 3:00 when the beeping melody kicks in. Just really uplifting and catchy, and it's one of my favorite mixes. I highly suggest it to everyone. Robocop.
  5. Yeah - I had the same problem, but I'm just gonna redl it and hope it works this time. But from what I've heard, the song is really great. REALLY great. The extent of my musical knowledge comes from playing piano (except for a few year stint playing tuba in middle school), and I always love it when people do remixes on the classic solo piano, all old-school style. What impresses me is that this was done in one take... that's pretty tough to do. But yeah. Download this if you enjoy music that's good.
  6. I really liked this one. It's pretty simple, and not too long. Just short and sweet.
  7. I really REALLY like this song. It's actually one of my favorites. I know it's awfully repetitive, but it's really upbeat, and it just feels like there's tons of energy in the song. It's just so darn lively!
  8. This song just gets better and better as you listen to it. The idea was great to begin with, and thankfully it was executed extremely well. My favorite sequences are the last two, with the "boy band" and then the rapping. If you don't get the song because you haven't played Crono Trigger yet, shame on you! Go play the game, and the come back and listen to thing. You will appreciate it all that much more. Not to mention that you will be getting one helluva RPG experience
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