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  1. That was g-e-w-d good! BAM! It was good. The harp reminds me of Sonic 3's IceCap Zone, and also Sonic & Knuckles' Hidden Palace Zone. I'm definitely getting a Sonic vibe out of this mix, and I'm digging it. Straight up good.
  2. This is awesomely arranged! This piano arrangement gives new life to each song being arranged and ties them all together into one comprehensive bundle of pianotastic joyousness. I'm simply brimming with the Chrono Trigger nostalgia, it's bursting from me and consuming the darkness inside me and leaving only fond remembrance of what a game really should be. Ninja Gaiden II... I need not thine bloody embrace, for the songs of a squaresoft bid me to soar and be rid of thine gore... at least for this moment, I am at peace. Strange verse aside... this is one fine Chrono Trigger arrangement. I thought I'd heard it all out of To Far Away Times... well after this, I don't need to hear anything else... this nailed the feeling, and took everything good about it and made it better. This is one smooth medley. I'm digging every second of it. Thank you for producing such a fine work! I absolutely love it. Man this is good stuff.
  3. Maybe I'm hallucinating, but to me this mix just felt straight up fresh. I've downloaded plenty of mixes, back in 2004 I downloaded all the mixes on the site and I've kept up with downloading new mixes since then, and I've listened to most of them plenty of times whilst playing video games or writing e-mails or mowing the lawn or what not, and all I can say is that this mix feels fresh. I'm sure someone could come up with a comparison and dissect it's pieces and tell me that it isn't quite fresh, but screw that. I say I think it feels fresh. Fresh and fragrant... errr... I mean sweet. It kicks though, that's what I'm trying to say. Excellent job.
  4. As long as we're congratulating dj Pretzel, congratulations on having a sweet beard. I just saw the Internet Superstar vid, and... that's one sweet beard man. Plus getting married is sweet... probably even better than that beard. Ha ha, sorry for how weird that is to say. Happy Engagement!
  5. I... I'm just a guy. I'd like to say that I'm majoring in musical awesome, or that I just got some spiffed out mixing program... or that I'm just a sweet deal, but all these things would be fabrications. And according to Baltasar Gracian, "A single lie destroys a whole reputation for integrity." ...okay, okay, I just googled a quote about lies trying to make it sound like I was a sweet deal. No luck eh? Oh well. I joined because I've been listening to OCR ReMixes for the past 4 years about, and I started checking for ReMixes every couple of days and stuff, so I decided I might as well make a profile and post a message in the noob zone. I just got Audiosurf a bit ago, and with all these awesome VG arrangements at my fingertips Audiosurf has become the never ending game. You could play a new song everyday for over 4 straight years!!! Free of charge! (minus the cost of the game, your electric bill, your ISP fees, ect.) If that's not a sweet deal, what is? (Ignore the last set of parenthesis and all within it's unholy walls) So yeah. My moniker on Audiosurf is Gunstarhero... as well as in all games on Steam. XD. If anybody ousts me from one of my high score (or more likely, low score) spots, and is a member of this site, send me a message . P.S. All spelling and grammatical errors were intentional... ummmm... yeah.
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