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  1. ...I don't know... The song is great, but... That little voice element that is used all throughout just... throws the whole thing off for me. I'm sorry, but as it stands, I don't find it to be a keeper due to that element.
  2. Short Version: [GBC]-Shantae: Final Battle (#8 on the GB music file). [GBC]-Shantae: Dribble Fountain Labyrinth (#20 on the GB music file). [NES]-Gyruss: First Warp [NES]-Gyruss: Second Warp [NES]-Gyruss: Boss [GB]-Wario Land 2: Syrup's Secret Stash (something UN-funky...) [GB]-The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening: Face Shrine (a remix of great sadness) Long Version Yup. It's the return of the Armight of Requesting. Haha... There are two songs from the glorious but mostly overlooked Game Boy Color game that I'd be interested in seeing remixes made of. The Final Battle song (Shantae vs Risky Boots), and the Dribble Fountain Labyrinth song (which is also used for Cackle Mound for some reason...). In the Shantae game music file (like all Game Boy games, it's one file with multiple songs), these songs are numbers 8 and 20 respectively. Might also be on YouTube, I don't know. As far as the "+ Others" is concerned, the NES Gyruss themes are always on my list. Also there is Wario Land 2's Syrup's Secret Stash (or "Syrup's Pocket Dimension" as I call it)... There is already a remix here, but... well, see my genre preferences below to get why I still list it. Lastly, I'd like to re-mention The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening: Face Shrine song. I had requested a remix of this song with a strong feel of depression and sadness to it, as it already feels that way just a bit to begin with. My Genre Preferences tend to lean toward Trance, electronica, techno, and similar. I am especially partial of ominous and sinister music, but NOT demonic. The "Syrup's Secret Stash" ReMix that's currently available here started out great, but once it got all funky I was disappointed. Thus why it's on my wishlist. I'm a fan of beatdrop, if that's any clue. (no, that's not a personal request to him, just a mention in reference to my musical preferences) Lastly, inclusion of lyrics instantly gets a score of zero with me. Thanks for reading. I have many others if you're interested in seeing the list.
  3. This song makes me cry every dang time I listen to it. Those deep pads you hear in there twice hit me INCREDIBLY hard. And the little squeaking noises used in the first stage of the song remind me of a little character of mine I'm fond of, so that just amplifies the effect. There are Great Songs... There are Champion Songs... But only a select few manage to achieve the coveted status of "Sacred". This is one of them.
  4. You know, if I could, I'd delete all my previous bump-class posts so that I wouldn't be posting after myself. It makes me nervous bumping like this... ... >_> ...
  5. This is GORGEOUS... This MUST be further developed. I DEMAND it! ...please?
  6. Well hey! This is awesome! This was always one of my favorite themes from the NES Batman. One thing that always pleases me with a Remix is if the original melody is easily identified within the mix. Clearly that was done well here. Great job! Keeper!
  7. First bump without an update. Just making an effort to keep this on the first page at least.
  8. Bumped for the purpose of getting noticed, since editing my last post wouldn't get seen... I've thought of a name for the song, in case you're taking suggestions. "Heart of Ganon" Just tossing that out there and all.
  9. Well, I never actually got as far as the final dungeon in the original Zelda, though I have heard the song via the NSF file. I must say, I like how insidious you've made it sound with this song. Definitely fits for a location leading up to Ganon. Good work.
  10. Got another update for my Wishlist. Just recently finished Super Mario RPG on the Wii. Favorite song (as well as location) from that game would have to be Star Hill. The song for that location, as well as the main Boss theme, and the Nimbus Land palace theme before defeating Valentina have been added to the list.
  11. I join the masses and say that this is a gorgeous piece. Gorgeous indeed. UNLIKE the masses, I have a name suggestion: "Manoria Dreams".
  12. ...You know what's funny about this? This song would work great for my Smash Bros Ridley's Lair stage concept, which was what I was sort of hoping for. Thanks again.
  13. Yet another addition to the Wishlist. Perhaps not so Oddball when it comes to the game of origin, but it's been missed as far as having a remix of every song in the game goes. NES Metroid, Ridley's Lair.
  14. Darn. The conclusion bit's still not nearly as messed up as it was in the copy I obtained. I'll keep the prototype. It's just as good.
  15. Addition to the wishlist made. SNES Jurassic Park's Inside Building theme. Love that creepy sneaking feel it carries. I bet a lot could be done with it. EDIT: @ KyleJCrb - ; ...Only now did I notice the TWO songs you linked me to up there... Thanks! They're both quite good!
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