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  1. Totally, I liked the song when I had first purchased Pearl. But I always thought it'd sound cool if it were made a little more *dark, if you will.* And in the spirit of the upcoming Halloween, what better to do than an eerie version. I *am* working on some improvements, the ending is one. The drums, I am content with but I am still looking for some additions. About the piano, I might add a little more. At least in the beginning. Thanks for the critic, it is much appreciated. I'm glad you took the time to listen to it.
  2. I made this earlier this morning. It's uh... not really the kind of music I'd normally make. I just went with it though and tried to create the same feeling with a more... eerie? I'll go with eerie, feeling. Anyway: http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/2/5/735980/TwinleafSymphony.mp3
  3. I really wish I would've found this site sooner~ Otherewise I'd be down for this. Although... 20 hours left is plenty of time. Hm, I guess I'll just sit this one out. :\
  4. I might attempt the Twinleaf Town theme, or the Champion battle. Depending on my mood. Anyway, if I do it I'll let you guys hear it.
  5. I dun like BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAWL. It was fun for awhile. Until I beat the SSE and completed a good chunk of the challenges. Then it got really boring. So I returned that shit. I'll stick wit dem CPS2 and NeoGeo fighters.
  6. Jackrabbyt


    In the process of downloading this as we speak. I am aware I won't be able to play on line but that really doesn't bother me. I *might* buy the limited edition, or collector's, whatever it was called. I dunno yet though, I really want to re-buy Diablo 2 because it was fun. ...and cheap. However, I did "borrow" Spore for DS and that was well...not the greatest.
  7. 'Sup, Jackrabbyt. I play a lot of games, not so many new ones, but I'm working on that. Gradually making the effort to play the x360 that had been laying around for the past year and a half. I won't argue about anything. It's not that I am afraid to lose or anything, losing is ultimately inevitable. Just the fact that this is the internet and I don't care for boosting some kids ego for the "lulz." Aight, that is a decent introduction, considering. Oh, and I like making me some music. I range from anything I can do with Reason or FL to *rarely* playing drums or bass for fun. Though I should probably do one of those more. ;x
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