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  1. Hello, Jewbei

    I love your last mixe, sonic - final zone.

    Could you help me and send me the save file of your mix. I would like to study it, to do the same kind of song.

    I make movie style remix, but i would like make trance song too. Can you send it to me?

    My e-mail is :

    Could you delete this mail after sending me the mix save file, because the boot of google could find my email, and send me a lot of spame ^^


  2. Hi everyone, My new remix from kingdom hearts. I put a movie style in the song ^^. Hope you'll like it ^^. Bak.R
  3. Hi, i work on a remix from ff7. Jenova absolute. I'm doing an orchestral remix, but like in the movie. So i would know if you recognize the song? After, i have some trouble with the timpani.have you some advice? And I try to make drums like on battle song to make the song more action movie. Maybe for a battle or a pursuit something like int the soudtrack from Banckok dangerous. You can listen the song here : My mail : (For advices) Bak.R
  4. Hi everyone, I work on this song : I try to make a trance, techno song, But, i find some part are not cool, but some part are great. I need your help, your advice to upgrate the song. But if you think that it's ok and it's a good song and this don't need any change, tell me too. Bak.R
  5. thanks for your comment ^^ Ambient, what do you mean by more feedback? Poolakta, what do you mean with doopler effect? Bak.R
  6. Here my remix from Street of rage - title theme. I try to make a movie feeling, so i hope you'll enjoy. Bak.R
  7. Hello everyone, here my last remix of sonic the hedgehog. I know the first core are not perfect, but it's cause i haven't a good computer, so i try to make my possible. It's not a boom boom boom evil song cause i try to put feeling in the song, like movie style ^^. I hope you'll enjoy. Your comment and advice are welcome. Bak.R
  8. Here i remix a make from the game wonderboy III on sega master systeme. ^^ I do this very quickly cause i must to be sleep, but, this is a preview. should i finish ''continue'' this song? What do you think? Bak.R
  9. What do you think about it? I try to make a town song. ^^. Hope You'll enjoy. Bak.R Myspace :
  10. A remix of the serenade of water, new age and relaxing song What do you think about it? Bak.R
  11. What do you think about it? I try to make a town song. ^^. Hope You'll enjoy. Bak.R Myspace :
  12. Here The 14 Song from the orchestral album Kingdom Hearts Destiny by Bak.R ( me ^^ ) Track list : 01 - Dearly Beloved : 02 - Roxas : 03 - Namine : 04 - Riku : 05 - Xion Theme : 06 - Rage Awakened : 07 - Scythe Of Petals : 08 - The Lord Of The Castle : 09 - The Other Promise : 10 - Another Side : 11 - Destati : 12 - Hollow Bastion : 13 - Fate Of The Unknown : (Bonus track) - 14 - Dance Of The Darling : You can download it here: Hope you'll enjoy. Bak.R
  13. Here my remix from ff7 battle theme you can comment, give some advice or share ^^ Bak.R
  14. Hi, I have make a remix from the battle song of final fantasy 7, what do you think? You can give me some advice ^^. Bak.R