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  1. I should've reviewed this sooner (I downloaded this mix a week ago), but I've been sick with the flu and only now am I feeling better. Well anyway, I don't mean to be harsh, but HELL I'll just say it: This mix sucks. If I download a rap mix, I don't nesecarily expect VOCALS, so I'll let that slide, but besides vocals, rap is two things: Loud drum beats and killer basslines, of which this mix has neither. Stay FAR far away.
  2. Hell yeah, I'm diggin this mix! It's got that whole Spyro The Dragon vibe, it's sounds like that level where you have to flame the wizards to make the platforms lower. This mix on a technical level deserves the phrase "OMFG" to describe it. This is what I'd expect on a CD. Also for all of you people who hate the synths? Shut up.
  3. Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention, it's got a bit of Alexander Brandon-ish style at the beginning. Now that's cool. But that's about all of the coolness right there. Sorry Mazedude, better luck next time.
  4. :vomit: I cannot explain how much of a contrast this is to Mazedude's other EXCEPTIONALY GREAT work. The beginnig of the mix sounds like the beginning of the theme to a '80s grade-B sci-fi flick where robots are trying to take over the world and they have to be stopped by the average guy hero, the chick in hot-pants, the unusually brilliant 10 year old, and the lovable fat guy. I HATE THOSE KINDS OF MOVIES! For shame, Mazedude! It's gonna be a long time til I can hear again! (Oh and btw, you shoulda know better. Oldskool music sucks.)
  5. OMFG Zeratul! YOU ARE DA MAN! That was one of the best remixes I ever heard, this could be a huge dance hit man!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! I VERY HIGHLY reccomend this and KakarikoRaveParty to anyone looking for a awesome techno mix, thanks Zeratul!
  6. Oh. My. God. This is so freakin' awesome!!!! THE WAH-WAH SYNTH LEAD ROCKS!!!!!!!!
  7. I thought the remix was great! It reminds me of the Jazz Jackrabbit bonus stage music and some Sonic Adventure 1 music i've heard. Pretty good to kick back and relax to. I heard a 45 second mod of this song (from the game), and now that sucks compared to this. I've never played the game, but now I want to! If i make music, and submit it to OCR, it'll be like this. COOL COOL REMIX NEOSTORMER.
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