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  1. So, what was "the trend" again? Heck, I wear stuff from before there _were_ trends. My daughter (12)is wearing capes to school, and the other kids keep saying they're going to copy her, but can't bring themselves to do it. Gimmie a friggin' XXL, and make it Gold Sparkle, byyyyaaaach!!!!
  2. It's the best remix of anything I've written, including my own remixes. I really appreciate how he seemed to cherish the little interwoven bits. The Key Change? Too MUCH!!! I really love it. THANKS for the HONOR!!!! --fat
  3. Agreed. The song does not go anywhere. You know, I already _did_ the orchestral one...I should send that to Overclocked so he can post it and y'all can get a reference point. I've learned lately that it _really_ matters if you played the game and/or love the music when you hear a remix. Thanks for the education!! You probably know that the 7th Guest game was the first General MIDI game ever, but I also talked them into letting me use this new "CD-ROM" medium to record "real" instruments. Beware the word "real" when it's in quotes! Anyway, I got some violin and bass and voices, some guitar, etc, and combined them with the (then unheard-of) sounds of the Sound Canvas. The violin is my next-door neighbor, the voices are Team Fat, but I think it's pretty good. Again, thanks to the OC community for the support, the education, and the kind words. Love, FAT
  4. Thanks for your kind words, Y'all! I agree, the tune is not carefully composed nor arranged, and your giving me slack because of "who I am" is very graceful. I apologize for posting a non-serious effort, and I hope this was not taken as an insult, and especially that it would not lower the quality of what is posted here. The tune was created on a private whim. I had never done any repetitive beat music, and was secretly enjoying it...so I made this for myself. Usually I cram music full of ideas, but a Swiss reporter had told me, "Maybe you giff too many ideass. Maybe ze people need a chance to cherish ze music." Per "Handing over the riens..." You sure you wanna ride this pony? Again, thanks! Best, FAT
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