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  1. Never met him, nor had I head any of his mixes until I saw this topic on the homepage and got curious as to who he was. After listening to his Chrono Trigger mix "The Place We Knew", I realized that I HAD heard his song. I downloaded it a while back and lost it when my pc had to be wiped. Then something kinda ironic happened, well at least I think it was an ironic type of thing. I was listening to my ipod which I had just filled with a bunch of OCremix tracks, including the Chrono symphonic album, and when I was visiting his page out of curisoity,his song was selected to play. My Ipod was on random too, I swear to god, no joking! It's a shame he left us so soon too..... R.I.P. Reuben.
  2. This mix preserves the original music that I loved so much from Super Turrican for SNES (didn't play the Amiga version) while taking things in a slightly different direction with a euro club sound. if this had been the type of remix that sounded nothing like the music from the game, it really would have turned me off, but so much of the original music is preserved. I simply love the wind chimes at 1:27 and the different places where it reverts to the synth and bass theme of the first level. It's a really good piece, and I wish you'd do more with the Turrican games since there's so many great tunes to mine from them. The only thing I didn't like was the ending. It pales in comparison to the rest of the song. i would have loved to hear it fade out rather than just end. Still, even with the ending as is, its one of my favorite remixes, if not for the fact that its the only Turrican related track currently on the site. Awesome-A: A WINNER IS YOU!!
  3. I agree with axem that the beginning of your song belongs in the game more than the one that is actually in there. You totally nailed the synth sounds used in the game's music, while adding some great guitar sounds that exude energy. Love the fast paced bass as well, and the drum rolls interspersed throughout add a nice change of pace. If they ever do a remake of Mega Man X, Capcom should contact you for some music. You nailed everything that Mega Man X's Music is about. Simple, clean energenic fun. I wish you'd do another piece from Mega Man X just to see what you could do with something like Chill Penguin's stage, Boomer Kwanger's stage or Zero's theme. GREAT JOB!
  4. I really love this whole remix, especially the repeating guitar part that begins about 2:18 and then harmonizes with another guitar. You guys are simply amazing. I actually went off any played Sonic for the first time in what may have been almost ten years because of your song. 100 Rings for you!
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