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  1. One of the best sounding FFVII-Remixes around imho! Some parts maybe could use a bit more work since it kinda sounds like clipping and distortion but besides that its just awesome! Heck, i even use this one in my (personal) Final Fantasy VII Music Replacement Package Thx for the great work! Cya, Mäxl
  2. Hey i really like this one! Maybe one of the drums (almost sounds like a steeldrum but i know that it´s none ^^) is a bit to present for me, but the rest just sounds great. And hey, Badd Ass Bass! Gotta try this out in my car with my two 18" Atomic APX woofers Cya, DJMadMax
  3. And again its one from ambient! This is the second song from ambient (after "back 2 skala") i´m judging here on ocremix. I dont think either he should´ve used real guitar sounds. Its obvious that the song doesnt use any real instruments, therefore i´m fine with the synthesized guitar sounds. I really enjoy the punching bassline, especially at 0:52 and 1:57. Just like djp mentioned in his description, Terminator-Theme This is another great (of many) song from around here i just cant get enough of Cya, DJMadMax
  4. Indeed! Also the part from 2:13, when the song just starts all over is done very well and i have to mention the differences from the first part of the song (especially from 3:19 till the end). It´s not just copied from before, I really love those kind of details in a song/remix! I really love this song It´s one of many remixes from this page which found a way on my flashdrive for the daily way to work and back Cya, DJMadMax
  5. Sorry for this full quote, but what else is left to say? The drums are so impressive, you have to listen to this on a really big HiFi! Just great! And the guitars.... woah! When i first heard this song, the first 30 seconds of it distracted me a bit, i didnt know where this could lead. But then, the drums started and made my day! Just 15 seconds later, on 0:45 it became wonderfully melodic and again, drums and a soft guitar joined the arangement, followed by an agressively sounding e-guitar. This song is imho one of the best around here! Cya, DJMadMax (loves this community!!!)
  6. This is one of the nealry 100 Chrono Cross/Trigger remixes on this site ant actually it´s one of the best in my opinion. Whenever i become a millionaire, i will gather a great orchestra and let them play this song for me! Although normally i would favour something faster, more electronic, but this one is just great! Cya, DJMadMax
  7. Actually... my favourite styles of music weren´t especially piano tunes... this one changed my mind! Since i´ve heard it for the first time i´m listening to every piano-remix i come over. There are some great songs about Chrono Trigger too. Well, i have to see, if there´s something from you too ^^ Cya, DJMadMax
  8. Hi out there and greetings from Germany! This turns out to be my very first post on this fabulous page! I really love all of the Chrono Trigger Remixes that are available on this site, each one has its own specialty. But this one needs a giant THANKS! I just cant get enough of it, doesnt matter if its on my earphones or on my car stereo (lets just say 18" Atomic APX for a short description). It´s melodic, it has gorgeous bass sweeps and the (as they are named in the main description) stutter drums kick the hell out of my head Thanks again for this special piece! Cya, DJMadMax
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