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    I'm a goofy guy, once you get to know me. Until then, I'm usually kinda quiet. Although, I am getting better about being more sociable.

    As far as music goes, I'm a big time listener of many types and I love music I can sing along to. Although admittedly my favourite music tends to be metal. Still, I would never call myself (and sincerely hope never-to-be-called) an elitist. I have a very inclusive taste for music. I won't say I like everything. But, I will give most sounds a try. You can usually find a decent sample of my taste in music at the MySpace URL provided as my homepage.

    And of course, the reason we're all here:

    As far as music creation goes, I haven't done nearly as much as I would like. I do have a MySpace music profile (http://www.myspace.com/chaoticones) with a few tracks I put together with ACID 6.0. Nothing I would call stellar, or even finished really, but such is life. I would also like to note that these tracks were created back in early '06 and, as such, my vocal skills (especially range) have improved greatly since then.
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    Garrett Stauffer
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    2. Maybe; Depends on Circumstances
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    Vocals: Male
  1. This ReMix is too awesome for words..... What? Review? I told you, it's too awesome for words.
  2. I just can't help it, this ReMix makes me feel like a certain spy has been assigned a mission involving the notorious bear & bird duo. The name's Dark, Joanna Dark of the Carrington institute to be precise. Great stuff, a Rare gem times two!
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