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  1. I dont post on the threads very often, but I have been coming to OCremix since 2002-3. You guys have my support. Can't wait to hear the album.
  2. any way you could point me at a link where i could get a copy of the song. I would really love to hear it again, even if it hasnt made its way onto the main site
  3. not to necro thread this, but I was just reminiscing, and thought of this song. My guess is its been shelved and never completed as it hasnt been posted under Nekofrogs songs which makes me sad. So if thats the case is there anywhere where i can find/listen to the version as it was. I remember all that was needed was the lyrics, and it sounded amazing even with out them. if there isn't i guess that is the way it goes...
  4. Seems how you are working on this song i figured you may be interested in this as i love the way this guy plays the fortress theme. I like the improvised solo he does at the end of the song.
  5. I got linked over here from Nekofrogs work in prog and got to say this looks pretty promising to. Its awesome this game is getting a few remixes. Its OST was totally amazing and really could use the renown.
  6. I have been listening to music on OC for almost 7 years and never bothered to get a forum account until I heard this song today, because I wanted to say how awesome it is. With or without lyrics this is the best Lufia remix I have ever heard. I have been waiting for the fortress theme to get some attention and this is perfect. I loved Lufia 2 growing up and hearing this lets me relive the ending of that game in an almost cinematic way that was quite amazing, brought a tear to my eye honestly. I noticed Atomicfrog suggested it be speed up by 10% which i tried. Gives a completely different feel, which i liked but im not sure which i prefer. I feel like the original version is more dramatic and appropriate to words between the character which you want to add. The faster version has more energy and ads a bit of adrenaline to it which really reminds me of the end of lufia 2. Either way unbelievably well done. Cant wait to see this finished and posted. P.S you think when you finish this you could do something with "Turret Forgotten", "For the Savior", or the Lufia 2 ending theme. I would love to hear what you could do with that.
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