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  1. Not sure when I can get back to this. I'm ready to start work on an off-topic video project for Youtube, and Sunday, I'm celebrating my brithday (my birthday's actually this Tuesday, but my dad'll be out of town then).
  2. CHRIST THAT'S LONG. Now that that's out of the picture, the actual songs...for starters, it's not really a medley, per chance, but just 4 different songs in one video. Second, it's from Youtube. Being a Youtube user myself, I know that Youtube can sometimes lower the audio quality. But other than that, they're all good songs. Not the best things in the world, but suffice to say, I wouldn't mind listening to them at least once or twice.
  3. So in a nutshell, you're saying that the song starts out nice, but once it hits the other sections of it, it loses some of it's luster? Because if you are, that does make sense. Now that you've mentioned it, the build-up is somewhat longer than it needs to be. I could trim the build-up a couple of measures. About the weaving in and out of the boss and battle sections, that's actually a nice thought. The reverb...I don't know what happened with that. I'll see what I can do about that.
  4. ORIGINAL SOURCE: So I just recently listened to Iron Maiden's CD, Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son. Although the main thing I like about Iron Maiden is the heavy metal parts of the songs, I really enjoyed the acoustic parts on the CD. And then I played some Zelda II. As well as being one of the best NES titles ever, it's also one of the most underrated. After going through the battle areas (which I always reffered to as caves, even though sometimes you went through forests), I thought to myself, "Hmm...I could turn this into an acoustic-centered song!" As I had recently gotten Fruity Loops, I did some effing around. I said that it would be acoustic-centered, but I was planning on having other instruments as well. That didn't quite work out. So I modified it to be an acoustic-only. It was relatively simple, as there are only 3 tracks, and it only took me 2 days to get to what it is now. It's my first official song from FL. Yet I feel like there needs to be more. It clocks in at only about 2 minutes, 5 seconds. So I'm thinking of adding the Boss theme from the game onto this, as the songs kinda sound alike. Enough of the story bullcrap, though. So as this is my first REAL remix, I'm curious as to what you guys think. I'm new to FL, so I don't expect you guys to think of it as a masterpiece. If you do, then whoopie. If not, fine by me. Critizism is my friend. The song's broken up into 3 parts, which last nearly 40 seconds each. 0:00 - 0:40 is the main bass line. 0:40 - 1:21 adds the rhythm track. In the original source, it isn't entirely noticeable. 1:21 - 2:06 adds the final piece. This is the main instrument you here in the source. LINK: Looking for a song name, please. So...there ya go. Catch ya on the flip side!
  5. As a metal fan, and considering Miles isn't into metal, I just want to say that jabond's remix is nice. I think though, that the kick kinda cuts the other instruments, but maybe that's 'cause my earphones are shit . Nice synth though.
  6. You know what they say. The sequel is never as good as the original. However, it looks like we'll have to make an exception with this one. It's about time we got a Donkey Kong 64 remix on the site. I really like the drums in the back, they deliver the punch this song needs. And the piano sounds awesome when paired with the techno organ. I say well done.
  7. These are way better than the pieces of crap I've tried to submit in the past. Definitely Koopa:Invader_Quirk said this before, but the guitar needs a bit of fixing. It sounds somewhat...what's a good word? Unreal? Understressed? Not finding the right word here, but I think you get the general picture. Thoughts While Drowning:This is frickin' epic. A nice start with a Metallica-esque metal sequence, fading out with a raining loop, and leading out into the piano part, which consists of the main portion of the track. Sure, it does sounds similar to it's original source, but the slides you added makes it all the better. My advice, though, see if you can't make it longer. It just seems to go by (BAM) like that. Just a little tidbit. Unnamed Kakariko Song:If you're looking for a name, I'd suggest something to do with lullabies, cause that's what I thought of - the lullabies my mom used to sing to me when I was a toddler. Anyways, to the piece...yeah, it's nice. Slow, yet giving the sort of punch with the banjo in the background. The xylophone in the background at 1:02, however, is rather unnessecary, and kinda ruins that part for me (thank God it only lasted a couple of seconds). Anyways, you did a good job, and I have no doubt you'll be successful one day!
  8. Great remix, although the opening bass line doesn't really do it for me. But good job nonetheless.
  9. Right after the first 20 or so seconds, when the drum beat starts to kick in, the piano plays the theme. Not for long, though. It's almost like a whole new song just with a few notes from the song.
  10. Hold on, I need to cry here... (murders keyboard with tears) Yeah, this is just so saddening. It reminds me of the people in my family who have died. Thank you. Thank you so much.
  11. This is totally the opposite of what you expect from this song. The original was slow and sad, but this is upbeat and happy. As the pirates would say, "Well done, me bucko!"
  12. Totally agreed, this does sound very Silent Hillish, doesn't it? And I feel your pain - I personally shout out the negatives before going in to the positives, just the way I am. I really should stop.
  13. Yeah, I sent in a remix of Jolly Roger Bay aclled "The Happiest Melancholy"(currently under evaluation). I used Acid Pro and honestly, I don't think I did so well. Anyone got some tips on how to make a great remix with Acid Pro? Thnx, and be sure to check out my remix if it gets posted. You'll see what I mean.
  14. combine 2 of my favorite things(rock music and dkc) and you get sheer madness! bravo, snappleman! i first heard this in a movie on newgrounds, thought it was awesome! then I came here to see if it was an OC remix, and it was!
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