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  1. Well the Shure SRH940 look more promising than the Mix Masters. This definitely helps with my decision. Thank you dannthr, I really appreciate the time you have taken in helping me find the right headphones.
  2. The headphones I'm looking to buy are the Skullcady Mix Master, but those are headphones are ideally made for DJs. although, Many people say it gives very precise and crisp sound. I just want to make sure I'm not paying for headphones that give me the wrong details.
  3. I want to do music making and production and I have been needing to buy some new headphones. So I am wondering what the difference is between DJ headphones and studio headphones. Is there a huge difference or could either be used for music making and production?
  4. I would buy both T-shirts, but I think the instruments one should be a hoodie, just putting that out there.
  5. I played the game this music came from and its awesome. This music PERFECTLY fits the moment. I feel it really sums up the game to that point, that final battle. I agree that this music MUST be remixed. I would accept mixing it myself but 1) I don't have anything good to work with remixing YET, and 2) I wouldn't be skilled enough for what this song really deserves. this song need a true artist to unlock its potential.
  6. I LUV THIS SONG! I think the drums are the best part (especial when playing this song on beat hazard or audio surf) But for a while I didn't download this song because I didn't think I would actually listen to it that much but now I listen to it every day because its so unique and different.
  7. Well i don't know a lot about mixing but i had an idea with the shaker. I was thinking along with bringing down the volume, as anterroir suggested, it could maybe fade in and out of the song. to me that sounds like a good idea maybe you could see what that would sound like. i wish i could be more help because this sounds great.
  8. Halc your remixes are like a bottle of soda, they're cool with a pop to keep em sizzlin. XD
  9. I bet if you asked permission from the artist of the song then it wouldn't be breaking the rules.
  10. I thought the same thing for Super Meat Boy. But I was EASILY proven wrong
  11. I am honestly surprised that nothing from this game has been remixed or even requested! That is why I would like someone to remix the Thieves Forest. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mw2XLo9NfY4 But seriously why hasn't anything from this game been remixed?
  12. sound BEAST, but I think you should add an ending other then just ending so abruptly. Other than that I don't see why it shouldn't be on OCR. (if you plan on submitting it)
  13. well TheReverend basically said it all, but I am posting because I agree you are making amazing progress! But I was thinking you should replace the main theme that was done in synth (after the intro) with the piano. to me I think that would sound cool. you could try that and see what you think I was giving my opinion. However you do it is awesome though. Keep up the good work
  14. This is awesome! but you should make the lead synth a piano, that would make it epic with the synth you have in the beginning.
  15. I have to ask, Did you use a 5-string or 4-string banjo? cuz I play a 5-string which is a more bluegrass style banjo, where as 4-string is more jazz style banjo. And the mix is AMAZING!, I love how u did it i'm not sure what yu should change really.
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