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  1. Original? No. Videogame related? No. Badass? Absolutely! Well it satisfies the most important category... at the very least it can be inspiration.
  2. "Final Fantasy Versus XIII is, according to its developers, a wholly independent story unfolding with different characters and a different visual design. Although it is set within the same Final Fantasy XIII universe, it is unrelated to any other entry within the compilation and is thus neither a sequel nor a prequel to any other entries in Fabula Nova Crystallis: Final Fantasy XIII." For the most part they really have nothing to do with each other. The Final Fantasy series has always had similar mythology between games (Crystals, Ultima) and I have come to think of them as all from the same universe. A universe is a pretty big place after all. Although who really knows, and does it really matter? I'd just prefer to think of them as unrelated.
  3. I don't know if you watched the same trailers as I did, but XIII and Versus XIII don't look like they are related at all, nor are they related to any of the previous FF games. I think people should have figured out by now that the number at the end of the FF simply shows only the order in which the games are made. Naturally it wouldn't make any sense to call one FFXIII and one FFXIV when they're being made at the same time. The "versus" just indicates that there is some competition between the two games to see which team can make the better game. I think that is a really innovative approach on Square-Enix's part. Of course you can't really judge a game by its trailer, but from what I've seen, XIII looks like it will be more graphically stunning with a flashy cinematic feel, and Versus will have a deeper story with more focus on the characters, kind of like a book. Personally, I think Versus is far more interesting as it takes place in a modern world, and it is about time someone made a good rpg in a modern setting (that's not to say it hasn't been done.)
  4. This song is stellar from beginning to end. It's the remix I've always wished someone would make for Brinstar Overgrown. The digitized voice at the beginning is absolutely brilliant. Definitely your best yet!
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