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  1. Wow, this is awesome. A great arrangement of an under-remixed song, and game. It really does feel dark and depressed. Whenever there's a farming RPG, the Winter music is always so depressing. Kinda makes me not wanna play. I'm no music major, I just know when stuff sounds purdy to me. The only thing I think might make this a little more interesting is if the tempo was slowed even more, and maybe if it was a bit more...I don't know what the word I'm looking for is, like if the tempo was broken? The execution of the piece is brilliant, but it feels a bit too solid. If you could make it sound lik
  2. What I wanna know is... Where's the Skies Of Arcadia remix project? I know there was one that sort of died out. That game has TONS of great music, and not many remixes here.
  3. Courtney! Hey! Who let you onto this site!? I can't say I'm surprised you turned up here. And as you know with me, I cannot offer you any criticism, as this is already far better than I could do, and I am also a sucker for Earthworm Jim.
  4. Oh wow. This is VERY impressive. It does remind me of shnabubula's work, definitely, but it certainly stands alone. Clearly there needs to be more artistic exploration involving the juxtaposition of console exclusive sound fonts.
  5. Wow. Really, wow, this is nice. You hear too many plain old piano mixes nowadays, but this really punches it up. I love the electric guitar chords and the snare drum bits, they really add a sense of purpose to the song. This is great. More people must listen.
  6. Sorry, I just saw this, and I want to be the one to disagree. The piano, to me, is what sets this apart from being "just another electric guitar cover of a game song" in my eyes. The piano truly captures that moment of the game. Even on the game boy, I always imagined that song being played by a piano, it really matches the feeling of competition and victory. Just to have an opposing viewpoint, I say I like it as is! Good job!
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