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  1. Someone has to do the building theme from Jurassic Park on the SNES, I just really love the creepiness of this song and could see it being remixed awesomely Link to song:
  2. Hey sup, workin on a Crateria Surface remix from teh super metroids http://soundcloud.com/valkerath/craterias-surface-wip
  3. Hello, thought I'd post my WIP remix of Tower of Dolls . http://soundcloud.com/valkerath/castlevania-chronicles-tower Here's the original:
  4. Heyo, been workin on this. I really love this song and really thought it needed to be remixed. http://soundcloud.com/valkerath/castlevania-sotn-festival-of
  5. Hey guys, thanks for the input. Yeah not too much work put into this yet lol I only worked on it for one day. But yeah I'll certainly put your suggestions into effect when I can
  6. Here's something I came up with a few days ago. It's a bit short, but I'll definitely stretch it out longer and give it a few more layers http://soundcloud.com/valkerath/ridley-new
  7. Badass. Sounds like you gave the Greybeards a virus
  8. this is freaking amazing! its one of my favorite songs too. I seriously say there needs to be a SCIV remix album...THERE HAS TO BE
  9. Okay, so just recently I got the Rom for Game & Watch Gallery 3, because I'm obsessed with the Egg game. Now the freaking song is stuck in my brain and I feel the need to remix it, so this is all I've got so far. http://soundcloud.com/valkerath/egg-remix-wip Original:
  10. Hellow, thanks for the feedback. Yeah I'm very amateur at what I do, and I don't have THAT much to work with. All I'm actually using to do this is Madtracker, and I'm constantly making new things so I'm gonna have to completely remake that song with some new stuff so it doesn't sound like crap anymore lol.
  11. http://soundcloud.com/valkerath/valkerath-super-castlevania Here's what I've got so far. I haven't really been doing anything with this lately, but I thought I'd put it on here in case i decide to finish it now.
  12. I've never actually posted a remix or anything on here. I'm usually just a lurker of all the music here. Anyways, here's my remix of the save room theme from RE2: http://soundcloud.com/valkerath/resident-evil-2-save-theme
  13. Oh yeah it's already a good length, I don't really know what you should add, but just keep doin what ur doin until you think it's as good as you can make it!
  14. YAY! Finally, I'm always asking for a remix of this song and no one ever does it! It's neat so far, but hopefully this isn't the finished result because I'd like to see more
  15. Yeah, I never really played or took interest in the GBA or DS ones. Still I would love to see a remix of this, it's one of my favorite songs.
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