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  1. Any of that actually real? Kudos if it is, you're doing an amazing job with this
  2. Any update on this? I was genuinely looking forward to hearing what came next
  3. Just popping in to let you know you have another fan who loves what you're doing
  4. Wow. I rarely post on OCRemix, but this is so epic, I just had to. Well done RH!
  5. Source: My version: I know it's not much of a remix but I like the way it's turned out.
  6. Thanks for the reply. Im hoping that with over time I'll learn more but it was literally the first time I've ever used FL. One day hopefully, one of my songs'll be up here somewhere.
  7. So I finally managed to get Fruityloops working and this is my first result: It's a remix of the Cornered theme from the first Phoenix Wright game. It's not much but I've never even attempted anything like this before so go easy on me. Is t a good start? All I've done so far is take a midi and tweak it but I like the result. Source: Thanks!