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  1. thank you I love drum and bass, I also love 12 and they go great together.
  2. very nice, Extremely dance-able I will definitely go that to this track once:sleepdepriv:
  3. can someone please tell me what the computervoice is saying. love the mix by the way. just love it
  4. omfg its noise...its realy noise and I like it o.0 this is not happining end of the word style not happining
  5. keh fine I'll do that could someone please put a remix of halloween town, world that never was or the pirates area up here I'dd realy love to hear that ps even if I double posted it wassn't without good intentions(thats a typo I care)
  6. I have to say this darangen yu rock my snes upside down(oke emulator but who cares) I never play magus castle/battle again without yur version and soon that will prob go for dk too this mix is awsome
  7. this site has only 4 KH remixes and well the don't suck or anything but they just don't satisfy srry could yu please upload and remix more of em (brings out puppy eyes the likes of wich yu never seen before:puppyeyes:) luv u all latr ymlie(the one and only ever) oh ps a remix of this is halloween from halloween town would be most of awsome(ps I know foro rules double posters deserve to die)
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