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  1. this is an updated version of my remix "Pathway To Hell". I added more instruments, removed some effects, fixed the panning & shortened some parts. tell me what you think ^0^
  2. ok. first off I'm gonna say this: I LOVED the original Frog's Theme. what you've done here is taken that nostalgic song and gotten it ready for prime time ^0^ can anyone say Chrono Trigger live-action movie? I love it! ^0^ the only gripe I have is that it's so short. other than that I fully give this remix a 10/10 ^0^
  3. this is an updated version of my remix "Pathway To Hell" constructive critisim is always appreciated.
  4. thanks for the advice ^0^ Guess i can scrap this version and start again lol
  5. This is my WIP remix of Final VI's Opening Theme, Omen. Feedback is appreciated.
  6. thanks. that really helps.
  7. I don't really understand the arrangement part of the submission policy: 1. Arrangements in any genre of music (e.g. techno, jazz, rock, classical) are acceptable, so long as the genre itself does not conflict with any other arrangement criteria. 2. The arrangement must be substantial and original. Submissions must be different enough from the source material to clearly illustrate the contributions, modifications, and enhancements you have made. Acceptable arrangement often involves more than one of the following techniques: Modifying the genre, chord progression, instrumentation, rhythm
  8. Hi Everyone! i'm new to OCremix as a remixer and i was just wondering if there was a spot on the site that had tips for making your remixes sound good. note me if you have any suggestions at all ^0^ thanks
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