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  1. I agree that Chrono Trigger has something that, perhaps ironically, holds up with time. And playing it before I played Chrono Cross made everything in Cross have such a bigger impact (hell, I still have the original SNES Chrono Trigger that I bought in 95). Though, I disagree about Cross being a mess, I love that game just as much as CT, I just see it as "done differently" as opposed to judging it the same as CT.
  2. I'm not about to try and deny the existence of casual or hardcore gamers, since that won't do much good. However, I do think that the definition of what makes a hardcore gamer and what makes a casual gamer will vary from person to person. For example, I'm part of something called a "Smash Crew" for Smash Bros Brawl where me and a bunch of my friends from the city get together and play smash bros and have like tournaments and try and get better so that we can go to other tournaments and stuff (mind you I only started in October, but I'm just using this for example's sake). Now some would say since it's a competitive thing of sorts that it makes us hardcore gamers. Others would say that we're casual because we still want to have fun while we're doing it and it's as much about hanging out as it is the game. So, you're always going to get diverse opinions of it, and in my mind that's kind of a good thing.
  3. No problem man. If you need some more later on, I can see about scrounging some up.
  4. I always thought of the Zelda games as adventure games. Like, when I think action-RPG, I think like dunno, I don't want to say Tales or Star Ocean style battles, but the only other example I can think of those is The Bouncer.
  5. Yeah, I'm left scratching my head thinking "And crap like GamePro's still around?". I remember missing the funky stuff that EGM2/XpertGamer/GameNOW used to put out when it came to stuff like this. Reminds me, is Tips 'n' Tricks still around?
  6. If you can hunt down Suikoden V, I'd recommend that. Some people would recommend the God of War or Devil May Cry series, but those might have been released on Xbox systems too (I have no idea about Xbox releases 90 something percent of the time). Star Ocean: Till The End of Time and Wild Arms 3 are supposed to be good, but even though I have both, I haven't played either too much since I've been focused on other games. Of course, if you don't have a Gamecube, Resident Evil 4 is worth a play, but...it's not for everyone in some way, lol.
  7. Here you go, Millipede. I uploaded a bunch of .wav sound effects like I said. The folder names in the WinRAR file are just where I got them from. Hopefully this helps you out a bit. http://www.2shared.com/file/5229762/8ecb7d4e/RPGMakerSounds.html
  8. Hm, I'll see if I can put some of them in a WinRAR archive for you, and then upload that. Would that work, Millipede?
  9. I'm sure I can dig something up, just hit me up on AIM or something and I'll send some stuff over there, since well, it would probably take less time that way.
  10. I think I might have some stuff on my PC from when my bro was into RPG Maker 2000 and RPG Maker 2K3 that I could check through if you'd like.
  11. Yeah, I always figured remixing stuff required a crapload of time and effort. I remember I tried to do something with Fruityloops way back when it was just the most simple thing and I had NO IDEA what to do, so I sorta threw my hands up relatively quickly. Pretty much, that's why I just stick to video editing and boredly writing lyrics in my spare time, lol. I DO have to admit that some OCR remixes of Crisis Core songs might be pretty good for sure.
  12. Hey, that's pretty cool man. Goes to show there's something good about Heroes besides the MAD TV parody that Bobby Lee does. Edit: No offense meant to the Heroes fans out there of course, since I've only actually seen 1 full episode.
  13. Um....thanks? I think? Man, I'm confused right about now.
  14. I actually liked part 3 (assuming we're still talking about The Matrix here) better than 2, but this is just me here. And Chrono Cross really didn't give me any sort of negative thoughts about the series, since it actually IS one of my favourite games... *ducks down*
  15. That's alright FR, I still haven't played it on account of not owning a PSP johns.
  16. Um...wow Thin Crust, I don't uh, know what to say to that, lol.
  17. Aww man, I don't like the fact that there'll be DSi only games. This would mean I'd have to go and pick up a DSi by trading in my DS Lite and some things for it.Though, I DO still have my GBA around but...I don't know, other people might be angry over that whole thing I think.
  18. Yeah, sorry Gollgagh. It sounded kind of funny in my head at the time.
  19. Hoo boy....I get the feeling this might be good, or quite ugly...
  20. I just haven't been paying attention to game releases over the past bit. Like, I don't really know that many games that have come out since 2008 started. Yeah, there's the obvious ones I'm aware of like Resident Evil 5, and Smash Bros Brawl (since I got it shortly after it came out), but I just don't follow release news like I used to. Heck, I like the Suikoden games and I didn't even know they were making/releasing one on DS until today. Sad, I know.
  21. Hm, well I've seen some clips of it and the graphics do look pretty good all around. The music I've heard from it didn't seem Uematsu-like (so I didn't think he did it), but I do remember some songs (like Price of Freedom) being well done. And truth be told, I actually didn't know they were still making "Tales of" or Disagea games.
  22. Yeah, the only RPGs for PSP I've heard of are Crisis Core and the FFTactics remake (I can think of a lot more RPG style games on the DS). Though, have to admit that MGS: Portable Ops has some appeal to it. And y'know Jovian, I think you'd got a good point about FFVIII. It feels like, it could be part 2 of a 3 part series, or part 3 of a 5 part series or something like that. Though, I do admit that FFVII had so much hype surrounding it, that when I finally got to play it I felt that no game could really live up to all the hype and was a bit disappointed. It's no bad game by any means, I just think VIII (and actually, VI now that I think about it) happens to be better.
  23. Seconded. And though Crisis Core sounds awesome, I don't know if I can justify buying a PSP just for one game when I have a DS Lite. Then again, I always liked FFVIII better than FFVII for some...odd reason.
  24. Yeah, my point's exactly. Of course...this brings up a whole other issue that all the kids around here seem to be graphic whores who care about their 100 gig 360 hard drives, or online content or Halo or whatever. Almost seems people are too focused on gimmicky stuff. Of course...not all gimmicky systems work, remember the NGage and the Gizmondo?
  25. Y'know, the camera and potential online bit and extra features and whatever don't seem that appealing to me. I mean, I buy a system to play games on, not to like, take pictures with or surf the web or watch blu-ray dvds or something. Not trying to come off as bitter, but that's just my opinion.
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