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  1. Woops, sorry. I shouldn't post when its that late ! I'm making weird mistakes.. But I'm not saying I don't like it now, I love it and plays at least once a month. I'm just saying I didn't enjoy playing it back then, because I was terrible at it. And most of the time I just watched my brother play.. I loved the music though ! Argonaut worked on that game too ? Or is it a different company ?I never really liked Krystal either. I got friends that really like the character, though. Its just like with my friends that are bronies, I just don't get what's so interesting about those things.. :/ But, Its pretty much shiggy that gave the order to merge the two unrelated universes together, and make a Starfox game with what they had at their disposal.. While he's usually great with the other franchises, I'm under the impression he doesn't care about Starfox anymore, and he's half-assing the new games .. But that's pure speculation.. And yes, Starfox 2 would be nice. But, I already played the crap out of that game.. What I'd really want to see one day, is a real remake of the first game, and sequels to that game. Its because the SNES game had such original or fun ideas, that were dropped when making sf64. Such as the black hole, the space fish, the level you fly your arwing in a narrow highway tunnel of some sort, the telekinetic amplifier thing Andross has that he uses to fling crap at you on Venom, the space armada mission where you have to blow up the ships from the inside, the whole space adventurers thing instead of being mercs, the comics' plot, the main theme's melody that was re-used in a lots of tracks and in pretty much every single songs of the game featured a really oddly similar note arrangement as the main theme (well, its not a perfect copy, but the intervals are surprisingly similar. I cut the interesting parts and put them one after the other in this http://dl.dropbox.com/u/13343993/StarFoxThemes_1low.mp3 the victory theme was supposed to be the first to play, to compare, but for some reasons its in a completely random place.. But keep in mind that I'm no musician. All the music theory I got was from the little we did in high school and elementary, and in an optional acoustic guitar course in college, plus a for dummy book I read recently XD ). I actually even sent an actual letter to NOA and Nintendo in Japan about that, along with an email XD Not sure it will do anything, but its still better than doing nothing !
  2. Holy crap ! 3 pages, in a few hours ! And by the way anybody here read the Nintendo Power starfox comcis from 1992-1993 ? I love those ! Well, pretty much the day it was announced furries were on it. Though it got several order of magnitude worse when they created Krystal.. Oh but Starfox did use mode7, well at least I'm pretty sure it did, but only to make the backgrounds and the ground. What is lame for me is that I got the game after I watched Reboot( that 3D show for kids ), so 3D wasn't all that much of a surprise for me And yeah, nowadays graphics upgrades are much less spectacular, but you have to take into account that it was a radical change to go from 2D to 3D ! Nowadays, its only about making 3D better. QFT ! Did you try to go to the alternate dimension back then, or did you just found out about it ? Because, I pretty much found out about that 4 years ago ! I always loved finding new things in old games. Just like when I play Deus Ex and find hidden paths I had never found before ! Yay ! A non-sf64 quote I love the snes Andross, he was slightly less insane than sf64 Andross. That reminds me I should be playing it on my snes asap ! And that's the Space Armada ! Sometimes I deliberately avoid going into the smaller ships, just to replay the part I just played But that boss was so damn annoying ! Mostly because you need to hug the wall to aim at the thingies, and you can't tell when you're too close and hit the wall.. And I just recently found out that you could simply nuke the core immediately with nova bombs, instead of destroying those electrical thingies.. And if you want to see some crazy play through of the game you should check out those : They're tool assisted speedruns. That pretty much means that its a perfect play through that's built from a big bunch of the best moves of a human player, but without any screw-ups ! And its also pretty much impossible to be that good.. My favorite part in the first vid is when he shoves his arwing up Monarch Dodora's butt, killing it instantly I got all this in my playlist : the entire soundtrack + the special arrangement that were on the official soundtrack cd + the orchestra recorded in 1993 playing the main theme + sf2's soundtrack + pretty much all fan remixes I could find around the net ! I'm really productive with that playlist ! But there are a little too much Corneria remixes in it.. Same here, I always thought sf64 looked ugly, even went it had just come out.. Pretty much because of the textures. Just like golden eye. Except that they both played better than they looked ! With that said, I wouldn't mind a real remake of starfox snes with a graphical update. (real in the sense that sf64 was much more than a remake. It just rebooted everything.) Its a little underrated, but I wouldn't say a lot better than what people think. And besides, I skipped the gamecube ! But I played both adventure and assault on the wii. I think I only enjoyed the first mission, sargasso outpost, that big space station thing, Corneria city, and maybe sauria just because they made a brand new awesome music from scratch for that level. But besides that, the translation and or the writing was pretty damn bad, even for Starfox. And they also changed the facial expressions of the characters from the Japanese release to the NTSC and PAL ones. There's a vid somewhere on YT showing the differences. And there's the very badly executed third person gameplay Honestly, I wouldn't care if they'd make third person on-foot combat again, if its actually fun and not frustrating.. However, in SF: Assault's defense, there are rumors the game was going to be much longer and much more elaborate and have a more complex plot. But supposedly that Nintendo didn't like it and forced them to patch together a simpler game from what they had.. I can't say if that's true, but some concept art was leaked, there was concept art for things we never saw in the game, like the adjutant character, Peppy slightly infected by aparoids. I love the way you put it ! "Plus, it had carried over the lame from Adventures" Indeed, sf64 could have used some better music.. And its the first time I ever see this game ! I didn't like it back in the days either, because I could barely finish the first level on easy. But I really discovered it 4 years ago. I finished all 3 difficulties. And I can't even finish the hard route anymore, I'm stuck at Fortuna ! Stupid sea dragons, and Monarch Dodora ! Its probably my favorite SNES game, even over final fantasy, for the simple reason that, you can finish it much more quickly and have fun much sooner. In FF, you have to grind before having fun most of the time.. Its also pretty high on my favorite games ever list !
  3. Starfox is 20 years old today ! Starfox SNES was released at first in Japan on February 21 1993 ! Well, at least in my timezone ( Eastern Time ). And Nintendo didn't do anything.. They probably used up all their "franchise anniversary" budget on Zelda.. Has anybody spotted any mentions of this elsewhere on the web ? I can't find any Are there any Starfox SNES fans around here ? Those are getting pretty rare these days, even in Starfox related forums.. Its pretty much all SF64 now.. :/
  4. Hey, you can't just play sf64 ! You gotta try the first game, and clear all 3 routes ! Sector Z and and Fortuna are guaranteed to give you nightmares though Yeah, that's quite an odd feeling.. Its just like when kids only a few years younger than you begin to call you "sir" or "mister"... I was just like 16 or 17 when that first happened and it scared the crap out of me, lol. I remember getting the game from my parrents in 1994 or 1995, we just had our SNES with DKC ! I think I was about 6 or 7. And I had never heard of this game before I got it. I don't think I realized just how much of a big deal that game was ! I mean with the 3D and all. I don't remember being really surprised for some reasons .. It might have been because of Reboot, which just had begun airing. Since the entire show was in 3D more advanced than what was possible with the SNES.
  5. Yep, StarFox SNES was released on February 21, 1993 in Japan, and we're now in 2013 ! I'm mostly a lurker on these forums, but I'm posting that because that's a pretty big event that nobody really talks about around the net ! That and I'm a big starfox fan And I'm wondering if Nintendo will do anything about it. Even though they don't give Starfox all that much love. Personally, to celebrate I'm going to play the crap out of the first game
  6. I really hate the current copyright system, and I hate where the big companies are trying to take it to (SOPA and etc..). It was supposed to stimulate creativity by stopping people from copying each others, and yet it failed miserably at that ( modern 3d FPS anyone ? ). Instead its used to persecute fans, and people making videos of their dogs with retail music on YouTube ! There have been very few legitimate cases of companies copying or using assets from one another, as far as I know. However I'm not saying copyrights are completely bad.They should just additionally protect the inevitable fans too, to a certain extent. Anyways, sorry for the rant, I'm just butthurt about companies treating fans like crap.. You guys might want to contact the OTW or the EFF , maybe they can offer advice or support.
  7. Personally, I think it lost some of its spacey sounding charm. And the bass is somewhat too subtle. Also, at some places it sounds like if there was an instrument missing, unlike in your first iteration. The organ is neat though. And the new drums are alright. That's my opinion though.
  8. Your remix is awesome ! Usually electronic remixes of corneria end up sounding similarly, but yours really turned out differently, and that's a good thing
  9. I like it, it sounds a little rough around the edges but it's good. I'm just wondering, do you want to make an "action soundtrack" kind of instrumental music, or you want to do something softer ? Because, a problem I see with the current song, is that it's half-way between a "all out action track" and a "Lord of the Ring, panoramic scene track" ( sorry I don't know the term ). The first part builds lots of anticipation, but then just when you think something big will happen, it goes back to the first part, and it ends. I can give you an example of somebody who made the same mistake with the same song, at least in my opinion : And here's another one that turned pretty good : http://www.corneriasound.com/?q=node/24 And another one : http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=27354&highlight=corneria I'm not saying yours is not good, or that you should do like any of those, but I think your remix has a lot of potential, and shouldn't end up like Demonstray's ( no offense Demonstray ). Anyways, I hope I didn't bore you to death with my long speech, and I'm anxiously waiting for your next update.
  10. That's a big improvement, it sounds like some epic movie soundtrack music now. I still don't like that "sad" vibrato violin sound near the end, but now it's much less annoying. Moreover, it somewhat sounds a little empty, almost like if some instruments were missing from the orchestra, I don't know how to explain that really. In any case, you're doing great, I'm sure it will turn out to be a great remix.
  11. It's been a while since I've seen/heard a corneria remix.I like where this is going. I think it begins very well. But I can't stand the violin tremolo sample you've used when you begin the main melody. It sounds kinda cheesy and out of place. And I think it could use some brass and woodwinds, like french horns and oboes. Also, adding some timpani couldn't hurt, I guess. But that's my opinion, and I'm not a musician.
  12. Awesome, it's the good old corneria, but with a lot of novelty! I especially like the guitar. How about you'd continue this with the starfox main theme(snes), Corneria boss, or training music, and then go back to corneria theme? Or even do a starfox medley! I'm only suggesting stuff here though, I have no idea how hard it would be to put this all together.
  13. Nice, how did you learn to compose music? By yourself or at school? I'm trying to learn by myself but, so far I haven't understood a lot. And, that french horn soundfont is really awesome, its hard to make it sound bad, even when you feed it a midi track from a cell phone midi file. Anyways, have you made any changes to your remix yet? If you're out of idea, you could maybe turn it into a medley, that's only a suggestion though.
  14. Thanks for the soundfont name, I found it on the author's website. I like to mess around with thoses.
  15. I think it sounds good and original, you really should finish it, there aren't enough starfox remixes. I'm not a musician (I'm a programmer), but here is my opinion: - I think it gets a little repetitive near the end. I don't know the term for that, but instead of repeating the main theme, near the end, maybe you could break into a completely different melody and beat, like the main melody of corneria or something else. A little like the "Bowser is pissed" remix. - I know its a w.i.p. but I think it should be longer. - Personally I think the little "arcade game sound" that begin with the music doesn't really fit with starfox but its no big deal. I can't wait to hear it when its done. Oh, and by the way, what did you use for the brass ensemble or french horn like sound when the melody picks up? Is it a vsti?
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