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  1. Hi! It's been a very long time since I've posted anything here. I started this about six hours ago, stayed up through the night because I got sucked in. It's a remix of storm eagle's theme from megaman x let me know what you think. Thanks http://soundcloud.com/halfprice/dirty-bird-shuffle
  2. So, just got the ol' NO to this mix, and was looking for some feedback as to how I could improve it. From the rejection: First off, this was really quiet. Second, the production didn't fill out the sound spectrum very well, and the leads were muted and played very rigidly. Those issues make this a NO, but the arrangement itself had some cool ideas. The blend of jazz piano runs and harder synths was cool. With the right production, it would be a lot stronger. Vinnie Prabhu OverClocked ReMix There are several common reasons why submissions might not make it to OCR's next stage of evaluation (bolded & italicized if applicable to this submission): the arrangement is merely a MIDI or game music format file assigned new instruments and/or given added effects the arrangement is not different enough (e.g. structure, tempo, instrumentation) from the original game music the arrangement is too underdeveloped and/or too repetitive the sound quality (e.g. sample quality, sequencing, mixing, processing, recording) is poor the writing or performance quality (e.g. frequent clashing or wrong notes, mismatched key signatures, sloppy timing) is poor Sooo, this was my first ever serious attempt at a vgremix. How does one "fill out the sound spectrum" better? I used reason, and FL studio, but mostly reason. Thanks in advance.... Here is the source for anyone interested:
  3. Just putting in my two cents. I am a fairly new remixer and just wanted to say, KEEP TRYING. You'll only get better with time and this mix is fairly solid for your first mix. Maybe taking a break to work on some other songs might give you some inspiration for this one. Also, listen to a lot of the other mixes on the site, you can learn a lot. That's all I got.
  4. Awesome mix man chrono probably fav game of all time and this surely does it justice and more. i was thinking at first, how much source is there really on the title screen to work with, but you made it happen. keep up awesome work dude.
  5. yeah sorry bout the awkward name i didn't realize it was a typo and you can only have one handle per email oh well you can call me halfprice with one l if you like... lol thanks i wasn't actually using fl studio but i have it on my pc, this mix was made entirely in reason and i was attempting to add the sound effects in record (new propellhead software) i may just scratch the sound effect idea anywho thanks once again
  6. that's great feedback. I agree, I just got excited at the idea of putting in the sounds, cause it wasn't originally what I had in mind, and I just kind of put them haphazardly into the mix. I'm gonna see if I can't mix them in more fluidly, not in a way that will detract from the melody or rhythm. Thanks again. I do you have kind of a newb question though... Does the mix sound more balanced now? Like, I don't really know much about EQ and all I've really done is adjust volume levels for each instrument. What is the workflow for EQ usually like? This is only my second serious attempt at a VG remix so any insight is appreciated. thanks again...
  7. What do you guys think of the sound effects I added in? I need help with a title, any suggestions? I don't think I'm gonna go for the collab on this one with the guitar unless someone volunteers, but I will keep it in mind for the future. Seriously, thanks for the feedback though.
  8. I think I have some volume/compression issues, but I can work on that. Are these sounds better? I think so... Are the buildups more buildup and not let down, lol?
  9. You're advice has been duly noted, should have update soon...
  10. So far I've put in about 7-10 hours on this mix. I'm just looking for some honest feedback. This is Magma Man from Megaman 9 for the Wii. I want to eventually be able to submit this one, so any feedback to getting me closer to that goal would be greatly appreciated... Thanks! http://ocrwip.fireslash.net/?action=single&f=Magma+Mix.mp3 newest version:
  11. this rocks, I think you should submit it that was one of my fav games back in the day bought on the wii console, still fun as always...
  12. i know the ending is abrupt, i'm gonna be adding more....
  13. took out bouncing ball, i know what you mean... *tiny update* swapped guitar for different synth, lowered volume on backround synths, made piano a lil louder
  14. i like the idea of some nice piano and a whistle...just saying maybe it's just my speakers, but the bass seems a tad to loud
  15. i have a softspot for mm mixes.......... bout creamed my pants during a few spots in this one.... love the chip sections
  16. lol, it's funny i just posted a wip for the same source as you i definetly tend to agree with sockpuppet, too slow the brass falls at 1:15 sound a lil funny, maybe try a muted trumpet the tempo could work maybe if you had more percussion in the beginning it also doesn't vary much from the original besides the tempo??
  17. thanks for the feedback yeah, definitely i planned on making it longer. yeah i just used stock samples, because that's all i really knew how lol so yeah, definitely still learning im not sure how i like fl studio overall... however i know there's a whole section on the forum about software and equipment what's the most popular program used for the average ocremix? my friend is going to be buying a yamaha motif xs8 pretty soon (we get a sick discount where i work...from 3799 to like 1850 plus tax), and I'm sure i'll be able to share a lil...lol thanks again
  18. Hi This is my first post here. I am looking for some feedback. This was composed with FL Studio 7 and my Yamaha keyboard. This is my first attempt at remixing anything. Also, I would consider it my first complete song. I spent a lot of time learning to use the program before I tried any VGM. I picked this song simply because a request from a friend. There are a few parts in the song that I know are not right, but that's where you guys come in! Thanks
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