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    I am Dexter. I live in Oklahoma. I made music with various things. I like anime, and progressive rock, and experimental music. I like OverLooked ReMiX as well.
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    Acoustic Bass
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    Lead electric bass w/ walking, soloing, etc

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  1. I can definitely dig that, Xenon. The minor jump is a bit abrupt -- I wanted to provide some variety, but perhaps it comes too caustically. You're certainly spot-on about the inbalance -- I tend to really crank the volume on everything, and since I can't control triangle loudness, it gets buried. In the future I'll definitely watch out for that. Thanks dude!
  2. I've never actually played Mario Land or Castlevania, but even if they had been influences, how is that a bad thing? Super Mario 3 or early platform NES music in general was the goal, so I see nothing wrong with using them as influences. In what way does it lack coherency? Thanks for your input! I'm glad you liked the sound, and "fun" is definitely what I was going for! It's the first fully-"NES" track of mine that I've been proud of.
  3. Here's a track I knocked out a a while back, creatively titled "Level One." Let me know what you think! I was going for a "classic" NES feel -- the melody sounds so familiar to me, I hope it wasn't stolen accidentally or anything... http://soundcloud.com/penguindf12/level-one
  4. Xenon, you are literally the best. What's the deal with OLR? I'm itchin to hear new stuff, but it's quieted down so much since the site redesign... Any way to promote dat s?
  5. OverLooked ReMiX's unoffical anthem "Supah Hyptendo" has achieved video form. (it's my action-costume hip-hop band, Joe Sixpack & the Americans...) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ipz1N46e_Y
  6. I love the part where it suddenly swings into quintuple time. This is really detailed music - I'm jealous!
  7. This looks pretty schweet. I have a few mixes that would fit, but I fear they may be a bit.... too odd.
  8. you pretty much nailed it. I guess I have an ambivlaent attitude toward the song, so I wasn't sure whether to mock it or sing it pretty. So I did both? I tend to do weird things anyway with songs, so really any reading into it is reading into it too much. the weird noises were improv'd alongside the main vocal, just kind of came out when I decided to sing it (god forbid I do it straight :/) and I thought the effects sounded nice. In general, I just kinda had fun with it. And I certainly was not "trying hard" to be goofy. Hyuck hyuck I'm glad you rescinded "terrible" as a describer, though Thanks for the thoughts!
  9. Here's a cover of Radiohead's SUPA-SPECIAL "Creep" - the instrumental is by teh real adam d., but I did the vocals & mixing. Tell me whatcha think plz: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=A41KZK0V
  10. My friends made a fun video recently using the Keyboard Cat music... I would post it, but sadly it ain't on youtube yet... :/
  11. "I am Impact" from Goemon: Mystical Ninja for N64 ftw
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