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  1. Dear StandingInMotion, I read your whole topic; Sounds like all you're looking to do is step your "sound" up to the next level, this is easy and can probably be done with NO new hardware. Whatever DAW you are using (Anvil / Finale) make sure you can utilize VST plug-ins as well as Direct X plug-ins if you are using PC, AU if you are using MAC. If your DAW can handle using VST plug-ins then you can either buy or pirate plug-ins for it! IK Multimedia and Native Instruments have GREAT plug-ins that you can get, of course I recommend paying out for the plug-ins. What you are doing now is fine you just need better libraies and keyboard instruments to get a more "Pro-Sound." Everything I do is in MIDI (full) I just use a really powerful keyboard instrument tool like Absynth 4, to play back really high quality sample libraries. So if it is all in the sample library make sure to allocate about 50+GB for libraries. Then you should have an extremely prosound but still using the simple tools you already have. Computer specifications nullify everything so if you have a bunk / old computer and try to use the plugs in a really hardcore way make sure your specs are up to par. Hope that helps in a more productive way. AmR ][
  2. Hey all, I just finished this remix for OCR and really, really, wanted to submit it... but, I haven't heard back about "Calling the Water" yet (from Zelda OoT) so I'll be a good little member and wait... the 2-3 months it could take... before I can submit again... But I wanted to make a stream available for members of the forum and any fans of the Chrono music. Follow the link pop-up; and feedback is always welcome. AmR - Destine (Chrono Cross - Life~Faraway Promise) Like I said I'm new to OCRemix.org and hope to contribute as much as is liked and also hope you all like my Diegan style of Trance. AmR ][
  3. Hey OCRemix, Noob Rig1015 here. Looking to make an impact on the site. My sisters friend Kyle recommended I look up this site after posting my FFIV Prelude Remix on YouTube. Wish we had something like this about 7 years ago, love the concept of the site. I've been rearranging VG music since 1996 and am looking to share/contribute to the site as much as possible. If any other Noobs or members are interested you can see my original works here at soundclick and my various remixes here at YouTube. Thx Rig1015 AmR ][
  4. Gave your "Ruto Request" some love. See forum topic.

  5. Dear Chapstick, I read you post; listened to the song from Twilight Princess; took your suggestion to heart. Unfortunately I am only doing Ocarina of Time orchestrations for OCRemix.org right now. I submitted a track similar to what you are asking for but I'm told to wait two to three months (wow) before I know for sure if the sight is interested in accepting it. But just for you I'll drop a stream link. Tell me if this is what you are looking for... if you are even still looking. Just follow the link (pop-up). AmR - Calling the Water (Serenade of Water)
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