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  1. After listening to in the studio I had one idea to aid in the intro. You wouldn't happen to have the kick drum from your drummer isolated... (?) 'cause I was thinking you could do a kick-roll-intro to build tension right before you have the guitars hit at the beginning. Also maybe some sort of cymbal roll or wash effect right before we hear guitars.
  2. Ya'Know I'm still listening to it now... on my laptop speakers... and let me tell you jabond23, loads better. Even on my MacBook Pro little crappy built-ins I can hear every instrument clearly- JUST had the breakdown I ask for you to fix, SO MUCH NICER!!! *got me hyped* Okay SO much is better (Thank you). Few ideas to throw at you: Piano instrument at 3:26... I wanted uhh ... well, a more engineered moment with that. I don't know what would work for the session... maybe playing all the notes IN-sequence backwards and bouncing out a copy of that sound, then reversing it to play correctly... When in doubt reverse the piano for fun effects, but just an idea. I felt a lag, too, at the beginning... I feel foolish saying this but now it sounds too orchestrally long at the beginning. You had the right legnth I just didn't like the transition from orch to guit... the transition in the newer version is audibly a lot nicer. All and all it seems you have it all falling into place. I'll listen more at the studio and see if I can't get more ideas or critiques; but damn I like how it's shaping up.
  3. Not bad; but lets put some ideas in your head. I agree with some of what SoulinEther said. Drums: Diversify the drums, even if it is a 4 beat loop you can still chop and edit the regions to make it... well, more dynamic. Synths: Arps on the tonic. Sweeps/Swells on the tonic. Basically some other synth layer needs adding to the song. Melody: I know this melody all to well (played FF9 way more than I should've). One recommendation I could make on it is to stutter the melody. Instead of one note being played each time to make the next note in the melody, hit each one twice; so instead of half notes play quater notes, instead of quater notes play 8ths, etc. Handle some of those edits and give us an update!
  4. Bumped this because it is finished. Here is my well polished "turd". Submit? ? ?
  5. Yeah I'll agree with 90% ... I thought I had my system done up pretty well... until I learned the AES' standard.
  6. Gaeta's Lament (S 4) Something Dark is Coming (S 2) Passacaglia (S 1) Storming New Caprica (S 3) -and of course- Heed the Call !!!!!!!!!!! (S 3) All are my favs but hands down I could listen to all seasons top to bottom and like every track ... except Battlestar Muzaktica ... but I understand the need for that track
  7. Total mono-usage-synthesis; I'm for the Arturia ARP 2600 (V)
  8. Don't let the links I dropped to the manuals scare you off from your idea, or your idea to actually do it. If your soundcard does 5.1 see if your DAW can actually use it to send out audio specifically to each channel. A lot of times what happens is it says 5.1 etc. but it just has a built in AC3 decoder and outputs for all 6 speakers (lame). So be sure not to trip on that, I did. A buddy of mine who rewires graphics cards into DSP cards got two quad sound cards to work as a 7.1 system but the LFE was all weird. Surround Sound mixing is really cool once you get your head around it, *rimshot* but the problem with it is media outlets... how many iPod come with 5.1 headphones? How many car CD players will recognize a AC3 formatted file? I use it pretty much only for authoring DVD's, and doing post production work because a general audience has no real understanding / appriciation for ALL the work you'll put into the surround song... *sighs* it sucks... I know. Learn it though... you'll love it. Need help? Ideas? Feel free to PM me. PS At least you won't have learn to mix for an array.
  9. Love it. I want faster drums ... more D'n'B like. But I love it!
  10. Wow, so not a Trance lover? Or just got such a big boner for Bear that nothing would please you but his music in raw form? I'm glad that's what you heard/thought because you were the first to not like any of the mixes I made (for BSG).
  11. Wow jabond23 Notes and things from everyone here on this piece... (listened on Fri May 29 '09) As a musical piece (forgetting the OCR for now). Really not bad. I felt the song was a little too much fingering and not enough "catch for the ear," but that is just artistic preference. As a music piece there are moments when you shift your song from one "area" to another; I love these ideas and they really help the song along, but the tailing on the moments needs... love, time, work, help.... something. You might not be a big fan of delays or reverbs (at least not the way Trance artists are) but they would help with the tailing... The part I most noted is when you break the whole mix down into a square wave again (starts at ~2:04 ends at ~2:19) this part can be sooooo sick if it didn't sound like quick fades from one "area" to the other. I can suggest some engineering ideas to achieve this but that is your call, plus I'd need to know what your DAW is. This feeling is also true in the very beginning when we go from orch to guit... one should soomthly lead into the other instead they shift like a rickety rollercoaster. The open hat sound seems a bit harsh in the mix too; it should be present but not noticable... well it was noticable . [Edit] As for the radical harmonies and what not, consider using another type of instrument. And if you really want to stay within the realm of the guitar sound try going back into your plug / amp and making different guitars sounds for different harmonies... like a different singer for a harmony rather than a dub of the same singer. But mostly find a way to give us different sounds to follow in the melodies/harmonies. As an OCR track... I would just listen to the comments made by others. They would know what makes for good OCR before me.
  12. I really liked this mix. It was chill, progressive, and still had the right essence of the Terminator theme. Artistically I would've done minor differences, like adding power strings in melodic-harmony with the piece when it began to move faster. I would've kept the T2 *dunna dun, da dom* timpani's too. But this sounds solid. I love this movie theme, and hate most re' anythings done for it but I liked this. Hi5
  13. Definitely sounds like something from the Highway scene in Matrix 2. I like the punches from the strings.... give more from that.
  14. Animal Style (feel like I'm placing a order at In'n'Out) Ooo... and you should do it building, verse 1- soft direct, verse 2- more stern, choro 3- full tambre. ... ya'know? Just an artistic thought.
  15. Nawh don't break it down anymore, there needs to be some sense of tech in there. If we keep making concepts simpler and simpler people won't REALLY know anything... they just think they will be because "it is like something else."
  16. Hey Prophet Of Mephisto, I've been slammed pretty hard on this forum before because I a newer poster; but about surround sound... I used to teach Surround Sound, ADR, and Post Production and my technical institute. Are your going for a traditional 5.1? How many outputs do you have from your Mixer/PC? The other million dollar question is, is this for a DVD Reel? For fun, just to make a AC3 mix? Most of the consumer brand stuff I've ever played with (FL, Sonar, ACID Pro, Logic) is not really ready for anything like REAL surround sound mixing, but then again I'd bet that 70% of homes don't even have their surround sound system setup correctly. If you want the cheapest home setup you are going to have to get at least 6 outputs from your computer through some interface to the speakers. I pay out the ass for all my gear so I use a Digidesign XMON with my D-Controller, but you can use any interface so long as you can isolate each of your outputs. Once you have your needed outs you can the go about telling your DAW (whatever App you use) to use each output correctly. The cheaper the DAW the less likely this will be a do-able process. Normal film I/O settings are 1) L, 2) R, 3) C, 4) Sub, 5) Ls, 6) Rs. Making sure you have 5 speakers and a Sub (6 total) that you can plug each output into, you can now get 5.1 out of your machine so when you mix in your DAW you really hear each speaker firing off in the area correctly. As for mixing they are your ears buddy.... took me two weeks on my first 5.1 project to learn proper surround mixing. If it is for Post (audio to visuals) attention to details if it moves it makes a sound. If it is a band then my best suggestion is to make us feel like we are in the middle of the concert. Sadly there is no real EASY way to do "Surround". I have a ProTools HD1 rig and if you needed to learn how to configure the I/O for surround sound editing I could show you how to do that... but I haven't found a "cheap & simple" way to do this accurately on any other DAW. These might feel techy but they are required reading for Post Production Here is the AES guide And Hollywoods guide Hope it helps. Edit: PS Mono is your BEST friend when working in surround.
  17. Read it. Really liked it. Making it mandatory reading material in my DAW class. It's the analogies that sell it. Edit: A smidge technical but that is a good thing for people learning.
  18. 7200rpm is essential for doing audio so I would recommend upgrading. As for where to store it, if you need to have it on an external that is cool, but think internal storage if having it external is messing up your workflow (constant issues with coreaudio crashing).
  19. I eat, drink, and play Zelda games more than people should. I've loved Trance since 1996 when in was only underground. I had to hear this! I had high hopes and they were not let down. The way the source was used on the synth's was lovely. And I loved the bass kick drop outs and pop backs, those allowed for smack drops of the beat and bLiNd did a good job of hitting us with those. I felt that the transitions from one feeling or bit of music into another shifted like an old truck but it was not that bad. I really enjoyed it. And now have it in the playlist.
  20. I have a Trance Remix of the Rosin Adam Theme from Season 2. If that's worth anything. Its a YouTube slide-show because NBC / Universal has already banned a bunch of my mixes because I used footage form the show(s)... so I just stick to slide-shows now. Edit: Link edit- no more youtube.
  21. I followed the show. Really liked it. Thought Bear did an amazing job on the scoring. Wanted to know if there were any others out there who liked this? Also anyone do any remixes for themes from that show? Riggs
  22. It's groovy. Had trouble locking the source melody too. Honestly I like your Gerudo mixes more. Develop it more and change my opinion, I'd love to hear this grow.
  23. LOVE drum stutters , so hi five for those. *Hi-fives* I agree. I kept wanting another instrument or soundscape to move through and wash out the mix for a moment then return us. Pads, sweeps/swells.... maybe even a stinger. But over all this is moving in cool directions.
  24. K. I'll drop a link to the MIDI on this thread tomorrow before I go into the studio.
  25. This is real happy. Kinda reminds me of a Broadway showtune. Do you have a raw recording of this so I might slow down the playback to hear it with a slower tempo? I think it might sound more "workable" like that.
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