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  1. Personally I've been doing things slightly differently as a pyro but I tend to go for burn first then airblast them into a wall so I can shotgun them at my pleasure or just airblast them so they travel a predictable path so that I can shotgun them in the face. I do however miss being able to really damage people with fire though.
  2. I think I'm going to have a long break from TF2 now or at least until the engineer update because that must be ages from now if we consider "Coming soon" in Valve time but yeah I just don't have fun playing it anymore.
  3. The poster is the propaganda competition winner just with a RED soldier instead of a BLU. As far as I can tell anyway.
  4. all of this... nvidia speak leads me by morbid curiousity to ask whether my card is any good. I believe I'm using a... Nvidia Geforce 9500 GS
  5. I have a billycock and I wear it. Yet I am an awful spy I get more kills with the revolver than I ever have with the knife. Thusly I do not think this really applies.
  6. I stole the Revolver award with my 3 maybe 4 days of nothing but DR revolver spy. lol I used to have the global award for Flaregun kills but I gave up trying to maintain it.
  7. I feel like I should actually play TF2 again soon. I haven't for a bit.
  8. I'd be willing to play Red Rover though it sounds like it could take forever to finish and could be dicked with pretty hardcore if someone just let himself be killed to be on the side he wanted to be on.
  9. All the more reason to... not play it unless you happen to like winning more often than not and can get on RED.
  10. You are fortunate. It's a Payload map that's pretty much entirely choke points.
  11. you know as much as I dislike Egypt I'm kinda missing it just because we seem to be playing the same maps over and over... I miss that random bit of variety we used to get every other week when a random custom map would wander into the rotation then disappear off for a proverbial cup of coffee only to return a few weeks later. I just think I'm fed up of a set list and prefer a more dynamic one also I haven't seen gorge in the last 3 days and I believe I've played Dustbowl 20 times in the last 2 edit: also Viaduct sucks.
  12. o hai I heer darz a new therd round heer And now that that's over I should probably play TF2 at some point I've kinda wandered away from it recently...
  13. I think it was counting kills with the Eyelander as Knife kills for a while since it was telling me my favourite weapon was the Knife for quite a bit then after the update went up it changed to eyelander.
  14. I kinda want it. Just so you have some competition but then again whenever you Pyro you gain a pocket medic... (which I am guilty of doing) so I doubt I'll ever get near it.
  15. Huh... lost my global flaregun award to Narf even though before Brushfire was my closest competitor and my total flaregun kills went from 100-something to 40-something. Well that sucks Flaregun was my only global award D: and I doubt I'll get it back.
  16. I wasn't aware we had such powers until recently either and I've forced a vote twice thus far...but if there's a mod on I don't do it 'cause I don't want to piss them off xD But I'm only aware of the ability to force votescramble... we have other abilities too?
  17. I want a new Vector that would be awesome it's a fun map. But I still don't understand why the whole... point away for Crit is there. >.> I could understand random crits but yeah. Edit: in other news
  18. One point that stacks up over time especially if you're a sniper or like Brushfire a backburner pyro being punished for killing someone with a skill crit shouldn't even -be- there in my opinion.
  19. I would like to raise a point that is a mild annoyance to me and I think others too... er why do we lose points for Crits? I mean not just random ones I mean skill crits too like headshots, axtinguishes, backstabs I think kills with the Kritzkrieg and even the backburner and the Targe and well I don't think we should be punished for killing people with those types of crits =/ Can we fix this?
  20. I have it on myself and I play Pyro quite a bit... I don't really find it ear breaking but I can see why you'd think that. Personally I just use it to work out whether someone I've set on fire remains on fire.
  21. He has the hit damage sound on just so you know when you hurt someone rather than thinking you do lol Like those times when you're sure you just stabbed someone in the back and he didn't die now with the sound you can tell whether you hurt them at all
  22. Well I wasn't getting any lag spikes I just saw you teleporting around though it was somewhat unfair sometimes xD it was like "Completely stationary spy" I attack you and then suddenly you teleported behind me and I was dead it was kinda hilarious but awful at the same time.
  23. I have to agree with the sentiment that Scouts aren't broken and they have suffered some unnecessary nerfs recently but was the whole "You're bad" there necessary? lol But either way Scouts have never really been OP just... you know rage inducingly annoying.
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