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  1. I find the whole Halo thing mildly hilarious... especially since it's pretty terrible looking xD I mean some people might like the way that looks? But... I personally think it looks bad. It's kinda like the Soldier's medal to me "Oh I didn't get that? Oh well it's looks bad anyway" I just find it amusing when Halo'd players seem to make a Beeline for me because I'm not wearing one... but yeah I didn't actually lose anything I wanted from the whole situation because I'd only idled 3 or 4 times and only gained duplicate weapons. I still have the only hat I have lol
  2. I just have to say as much as I like OCR Tuesdays it's on the worst day imaginable for me xD after September 2nd I won't be able to attend at all due to having to actually sleep on tuesdays for early morning wednesday stuff... Ah well I'll just have to enjoy it while I can.
  3. lol yeah that Poster says Frog it's an advertisment for the fictional OCR Laboratories. It's an Overlay I made for my CTF map that and 2 other posters. this and this
  4. I haven't been on recently but if he's been doing what's been said then Reserved slot removal sounds like a good plan... though I cannot remember who he is precisely, I remember the name that's for certain but not the character behind the name.
  5. Oh I honestly don't mind the Sandman. If a scout hits me with it fair game. It's the FaN I have an issue with I HATE that gun so hard. And as for Password-Only days the only reason they haven't worked out is due to misunderstandings people not knowing where to come for the password or not sure if they -count- as regulars.
  6. I approve of Vanilla Day so that I don't have to deal with annoying scouts.
  7. I've never muted someone myself and oh man Passworded server nights for the win >_> I'm leaving a little message here by the way that I won't be on the server for a bit because I'm giving my girlfriend all of my attention and playin' some MMOs and old school Sega and Nintendo with her. Incidentally my map is coming along now I'll post screenshots and whatnot when I have put the lighting into the map and fixed some holes in the walls lol Also I'll leave it up to you guys to name it since I have nothing at the moment but CTF_TotalWar... it's extremely loosely based on the Conker's Bad Fur Day map of the same name.
  8. an OCR Only night would be my favourite type of night. though it would be more a regular's night I guess as Garian said in game recently.
  9. I just grabbed the first one I saw that I liked ^^; I didn't know anyone else in here had it... since I wasn't paying attention.
  10. I am sad there will be no OCR only night =( I enjoyed it last time and oh hai I just signed up by the way lol
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