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  1. Looking at my friends list at various times during today (oh look someone else just started playing it... Edgecrusher to be precise) Am I like the only (Okay now Baha is playing it) person here who probably isn't going to be getting L4D2? lol I had some interest in it at first and then I realised how lacklustre my enthusiasm is for the first one and decided against it.
  2. I protest this statement! you didn't even tell me about the 8 colour limit until I'd already finished the design when it was too late to really do anything about it XD
  3. I can live without humiliation on either side so I'm pretty much peachy.
  4. Honestly I don't see the issue with the slays... I mean what does it matter? "Oh noes I can't kill all those helpless losers now!" it's not a problem except to those who really care about their stats I guess. I don't even see how it's irritating since the round is already over and you were gonna be sent back to spawn anyhow.
  5. I just realised the scrim is at Midnight for me lol xD and carrying on until 3am not sure if I'll be able to play at that time due to having to keep my voice down a bit so I may just come to spectate...
  6. Eh I just get angry recently at Demomen and Soldiers because I have recently discovered I can actually fight them as a pyro just on other servers where my ping isn't enormous and I can actually reflect pipes and Missiles xD So it's kind of a slap in the face when I'm getting dominated by Soldiers and Demos on the OCR server due to my ping and especially when they taunt like jerks afterward. I need some kinda ESP on the OCR server to reflect anything unless they're miles away and I have prewarning of it. It's saddening that I also seem to be unable to do... anything I can do on other servers here. Makes me feel like the most colossal of noobs. And that was the Draken-Korin random TF2 emo moment of the day! huzzah! Tune in next time for more.
  7. I'll join in on the scrim so count me in I'll just need someone else to actually remind me about it xD
  8. Aw I missed it? Eh oh well, Que Sera Sera. I'll try and at least show up to spectate next time
  9. I wouldn't call it complicated as such myself just mildly dangerous. you know... you could possibly get people capping the central point just so they can turtle more effectively. Or you could get people getting trapped in the room with the intel and whatnot lol
  10. I actually considered this but Garian talked me out of it. lol @atmuh: maybe but It'll only probably be played on the OCR servers (if Baha is still alive I haven't seen him playing for ages) and I have some faith in the players there to actually try it out.
  11. A question to you all. I've been thinking about the CTF type game style and I'm considering a change to it ... or rather making a modified version of it. I'm going to add a point into the centre of the map KOTH style which when controlled moves the enemy intel into a more accessible place... this to encourage some death matching for those who just like killing people and not the actual capping of the intel and to discourage turtling. I'd also if I could make the point decay control wise if it was left alone and maybe reset after each cap Now for the question... Good idea or not?
  12. Probably would be a better idea to put my name down as Draken-Korin so people don't confuse me in the list for Spork Knight or something lol
  13. It's probably because it's... well originally it had more colours but I had to cut down due to colour restrictions on the printing of the flag... and even then I didn't get it down to 8 colours which was the maximum it's now some thing close to 12 but yeah it doesn't quite (to me) look as good as it did with full colour I'll admit that. AS for the Scrimming I'd be interested... even though I'm terrible at the game and I die alot I'd still try just don't shout at me if I'm on the team that loses xD
  14. The medic -is- just standing there he doesn't have to be doing anything he's just decoration after all. The colour schemes in both are pretty much taken from a TF2 poster pallete The second one is based on a Coat of arms with heraldic animals and... well over crowded is kinda the port of call with that kind of art and as for the person who wanted more representation of the other classes now THAT would have made it over crowded if I'd tried to fit them all in so they got their logos instead. As for the heavy logo it is what is on his arm so that's what I put there.
  15. I'd have this achievement so fast you wouldn't believe >_> lol
  16. Lol no the medic wasn't a random pubby he comes on the server pretty frequently... but there was some "Non melee" on both sides lawl particularly the random pubby heavy who kept shooting people even after we kept telling him to stop and it took him like 30 minutes to actually realise we were melee only... It was pretty fun regardless even if you did set me on fire >_> also hey again lol. @SirChadly: also I disagree on the whole... not fun with nQa guys noted previously I mean sure they usually school me but it's the height of satisfaction when I manage to kill one >.> Also I get to practice getting out of the habit of sucking eggs so I prefer them being there... just not entirely on one team which I haven't been seeing but then again I haven't played much recently so I can't comment really.
  17. wow all this drama is almost enough to make me happy I'm sick right now and really pretty much incapable of playing... almost. xD but yeah I just thought I'd leave this here incase Brushfire is around I'm pretty much not going to be online for some time due to medical reasons so I may not be able to finish the logo in time for the flags. if I can't I'll say on the 14th the day before you said you wanted it.
  18. I would like to try that... If OCR Tuesdays come back it would be fun to try.
  19. Oh I got a Demoman hat a few days ago.. Yay for me! thanks TF2 for giving me the hat of a class I despise. xD On another note anyone happen to know a nice cheap printing company? I can only find retardly expensive ones. I need to get posters made and sent to Brushfire to be distributed as prizes at Magfest if you're wondering the reason.
  20. Huh... I like the sound of the wrench will make fungineering ... fun. xD
  21. Huh pretty sweet... Hey I've been looking but I can't find much about these beta items anywhere what are they all supposed to be? I've heard a few but I know I'm missing some details on a few. xD;
  22. This must be the most relaxed corpse I've ever seen. (inb4pyroisagirl) Edit: Lol I just noticed the Pyro is speaking in the chat box xD "Hioooo"
  23. Before I go to bed I just have to say I'm getting mildly annoyed with clan stacking... it's rather unfair sometimes I look at the team list and I'm like "Oh the other team has 3 Zuz members might as well just stay in spawn" and so on so forth. I don't blame Pav to be honest because he at least attempts to break up the clan when they come on but there's one guy in particular who never leaves the side of other ZUZ members he's like a limpet he sticks to ZUZ like a rock and even goes into spectator when he can't be on a ZUZ filled team and awaits a slot with them. It's... vexing to say the least I know it's an issue that's been brought up before but I feel the need to say something. (Lol I just noticed I mention nothing but ZUZ but there are other clans that do the same I just haven't seen them for a while but the same applies there) Edit: Brushfire's room is freaking sweet. That is all I have to say there.
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