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  1. I think it would be more "Break Frogg even more" rather than the shotgun or the scattergun. lol
  2. ... Why IS Sawmill still there? Just out of curiousity? 'cause CTF_Sawmill is awful it's like the worst map that could have been converted into CTF... ever.
  3. I am a fan of Doublecross it's a nice CTF I enjoy it more than I enjoy 2fort and I'm a fan of 2fort. (even if in someways it's very similar to an earlier version of my own map >_>)
  4. AND again I'm unable to play TF2 again due to Computer returning for MOAR repairs. bleh. I'd try it on this laptop but I think it would cause it to explode... 224mb of Ram doesn't lend it's self well to TF2. lol
  5. Massive random unnecessary sandman nerf GO lol I don't know what of the Soldier's weapons I'll be using... I might give the direct hit a go and I'm probably going to use the Equalizer since it's pretty much an upgrade I don't see a real downside to it. as for Demo I'm going to be using the sword and shield and screaming THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE to myself. Fortunately due to the fact I rarely use my mic you'll never hear it so be thankful. my scottish accent is awful. Also is anyone else disappointed in the new Sticky bomb launcher? I was honestly hoping they'd give him something to replace the Pipes. Edit: Also this weapon that was being fought over was entirely not worth it. lol
  6. Computer still not fixed... This vexes me in many many ways I'm glad for this laptop but I still miss my PC.. hrum gonna miss the first day of update =(
  7. Or it replaces the current sticky launcher as well with no pipe bomb replacement? lol but there is nowhere in the update that says what it replaces I guess it replaces the current Sticky launcher kinda like how the Jarate and Razorback share a slot.
  8. To be honest I want this too this would be okay in my book... then I don't have anything competing with the idea of maining a Meleeman with a shield.
  9. It is weird but you have to admit it's incredibly manly lol I'm just wondering what they're going to do with that last item... What is going to replace the Pipe bomb launcher? I mean they're not going to give the Demoman a projectile hitscan weapon because that would suck so I assume another projectile or some sort or something to add to the Shield Sword combo.
  10. The complaints on the steam forums about these unlocks are pretty hilarious... Demomen demanding that their pipes 1-hit KO 125hp now since the Soldier's Direct hit in certain circumstances can do that. and other people whining about the Melee update for the demo "He's the Demolitions man not the meleeman!" Pfft whine whine complain complain. Edit: well that not posting thing didn't last long.
  11. eh good point but I can't see it sprayed for the same reason I can't enter. my computer died apparently it's motherboard was like "Screw you hippy" and exploded or something. lol So It's in for repairs should get it back tomorrow. edit: YES I am now DAN HIBIKI. I now refuse to post anymore to retain this post... let's see how long this lasts.
  12. You did? I would like to see if you don't mind. I'm curious in the whole thing... but unable to enter lol
  13. ye cannae resist the manly force of a sword and shield. But yeah seriously when I get my computer back I'm also changing my Steam name to Tavish Degroot like everyone else who is a manly man is going to.
  14. ... okay suddenly the Demoman is the most manly thing ever. I am maining Sword'n'Shield Demoman.
  15. I really wish I could enter that Propaganda poster competition. Alas...
  16. Hope you get the mouse. I'm taking my computer in for repairs tomorrow so hopefully I can add my craptastical skills onto the side of the Soldier... the Demoman doesn't need anymore weaponry lol
  17. Better than having an entirely unworking computer lol xD But still I feel your pain.
  18. Oh wow... my computer chose like the BEST time to die on me I have no good pc anymore joyous day ¬_¬ Being stuck on a 7 year old laptop which lags on youtube isn't fun guys. Especially when a good excuse to get better at soldier has come and reared it's head.
  19. If it was wanted I could like add a monster truck or something. Though It may ruin it.
  20. ... okay that looks AWESOME I feel rather upset I might not be able to finish the poster design o_O' I'll try and finish it after my DnD session on Saturday (lolnerd)
  21. It's not really price that's making me you know... not want to get it. It's mainly due to the fact I've only played the first one a grand total of 2... wait no 3 times and I don't see the point in purchasing another game of the same thing with a few changes which I probably won't play either.
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