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  1. Perfect example and a good song in general: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_3LnLPQ6-Q Breakdown starts at about 2:30. GVST has a lot of free effects. They may not be the most sophisticated, but they get the job done pretty good. http://www.gvst.co.uk/
  2. It's telling me to login. Is there supposed to be a public link to copy?
  3. I think everything I wanted to say has already been said, so simply I can't wait for this to be finished
  4. Very nice. I'm sitting here dancing in my seat. lol. I really don't see any problem with the saw lead. I think it sounds pretty good and fits in with the rest of the song. I was gonna say how simple the lead sound is, but really, most of the sounds you used and your drums are pretty simple, but it sounds great. It doesn't sound cluttered and everything is crisp. I just love that funky bassline though. Now, the only problem I have is it's only about 3 min long. You could probably stretch it out some, add a longer intro, and replace the fadeout. When it just kinda hops in and fades out like that, I would have to listen to it a few times to fully enjoy it. As far as the mastering goes, the only thing I would do is turn the pad down just a little bit. I'm probably just as bad with names, so I can't really help you there. Overall I would still give it a 4.5 out of 5. I'm actually gonna toss it in my music collection it's so good.
  5. This is something I messed around with for a few hours, but it ended up sounding pretty good imo. I usually produce Progessive House, but for this, I decided to try a Rap/Hip Hop beat, although it ended up sounding more breakbeat. I think I have everything down pretty good except the leads which I'm never good at. Give it a listen and tell me what you think. http://emora.cjb.net/music/symphonicdub.mp3
  6. Just WOW! There's just so much emotion in this song I'm surprised I could handle it all. I really couldn't find a single flaw, besides the fact that it's not real instruments, but you did a really good job. I'm not sure if this would ever happen, but I think this song should be played live. It would be epicly epic, but I think everybody in the crowd would cry from the sheer beauty and sadness.
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